15 Aug

10 Fun Ideas For Pool Accessory Storage

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swimming pool accessory storage ideas from Splash Pool & Spa in Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Feel like you don’t have a good place to store all your pool accessories? Between cleaning supplies, floaties, and deck chairs, it seems like pool items can multiple overnight! We love seeing how our customers get crafty with pool accessory storage. They’ve thought of...
30 Jun

4 Pool Plaster Colors To Consider

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Dark plaster finish on custom concrete swimming pool built by Splash Pool & Spa in Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Did you know that pool plaster is the secret to beautiful, sparkling water? Pool plaster is the final layer that seals your concrete shell. It’s also an amazing way to add style to your pool design. From aquamarine and tropical greens to sapphire blues...
15 Apr

Why Swim Spas Are Amazing

Why Swim Spas Are Amazing - Splash Pool & Spa, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Did you know there’s a magnificent machine that allows you to swim in your own backyard? This wonderful device provides a robust workout for swimmers, a place for water aerobics, powerful jets for hydrotherapy, and multiple seats for soaking. It’s called a swim spa,...
15 Mar

8 Ideas For Decorative Pool Lighting

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8 Ideas for Decorative Pool Lighting - Splash Pool & Spa Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Need some bright ideas for swimming pool decoration? Lighting instantly elevates the mood of your pool. From softly shimmering white lights to rainbow LEDs, pool lights can create a one-of-a-kind atmosphere in your backyard. Here are eight types of decorative lighting to customize your...
15 Nov

Differences Between Traditional And Infrared Saunas

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Differences Between Traditional And Infrared Saunas - Splash Pool & Spa Cedar Rapids
Close your eyes and imagine climbing into a sauna. You probably pictured people bathing in a steamy wood room. But you’re only half right! In addition to traditional steam saunas, infrared saunas are gaining popularity. Both versions offer incredible relaxation and self-care. Learn about...
10 Oct

8 Steps To Properly Close Your Pool

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8 Steps To Properly Close Your Pool - Splash Pool & Spa Cedar Rapids
The weather is growing chilly and the trees are changing colors – it’s officially time to close your pool! Once the temperatures consistently dip below 65 degrees, you can start preparing your pool for the winter months. These eight steps will ensure your pool...
1 Mar

Pet Pool Accessories We Love

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One of the most common reasons we get asked to work on pool projects is family. Whether it’s empty nesters hoping to spend more time with the grandchildren or couples who work hard and want to play hard too. Summers spent around the pool...
21 Feb

Presidents Who Loved To Swim

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Believe it or not, the American history books recount many presidents who loved to swim. This goes back to even before the White House had a swimming pool, when the Potomac River served as a great place to take a dip. In honor of...
14 Feb

Set The Mood With These Top Five Picks

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This week love is in the air. Whether cupid struck you with his arrow or you’re a romantic at heart, Valentine’s Day is here. Some look forward to the holiday all year round, while others deem it “a Hallmark holiday”. We say why not...
7 Feb

Heart Healthy Benefits Of Swimming

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It’s February and we can’t help but have hearts on the brain. Not only is Valentine’s Day just around the corner, but February is American Heart Month. According to the American Heart Association, American Heart Month is a federally designated event, and an ideal time to...
31 Jan

Super Bowl Matchup: Ice Baths vs. Hot Tubs

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If you walk into our retail store at any given time, chances are you’ll see an ESPN broadcast playing on the television in owner Weston Darling’s office. Weston loves sports almost as much as he loves building pools that’s no secret. This week in...