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What’s On Your Pool Wishlist?

Building your own custom pool is a dream come true. There are so many amazing features that will create your perfect backyard escape. If you love home renovation and interior design shows, you are going to have so much fun pouring over every detail of your pool wishlist!

However, because constructing a pool is such a unique experience, some homeowners need help getting start. We’ve got you covered! If you need some ideas, here are three main areas to consider when putting together your pool wishlist.

1) Style

The look of your pool has a huge impact on its construction. It’s like shopping for a home – everything from the size to finishes and amenities affect the final price.

A concrete or fiberglass shell is your first choice. We build both of these inground options – this blog post explains their similarities and differences. Some homeowners want the endless configurations possible with concrete while others want the feel and lower maintenance of fiberglass.

Your pool’s size, shape, and depth are also key decisions. Beyond how much space you have, the dimensions of your pool are ultimately your personal preference. For example, some homeowners want a pool for exercise, so a long length and a deep end are a priority. For those who desire a pool for family time, a shallow depth is ideal for splashing and sports. Others aren’t concerned about the pool size but an integrated spa is a must. 

2) Features

This is where your imagination can really run wild! You’ve probably experienced an amazing pool at a resort, hotel, or theme park. Building your own pool is an opportunity to achieve the same ambiance in the privacy of your backyard.

Water features like waterfalls and deck jets can add a soothing visual and acoustical element. We can also achieve effects with bubblers and cascading fountains. Just imagine how you could turn your pool into an enchanting grotto.

Add a spot to relax with benches, swim-up bars, or sun shelves. These areas allow swimmers to rest and soak in the sunshine. Great for families with little ones, entertainers, and users who alternate between strenuous exercise and luxurious lounging. You might even want to include a diving board or slide.    

3) Finishing Touches

Almost done! There are a few more parting details to iron out. These decisions relate to your pool maintenance.

Your water quality system is an important element. You can pick from either traditional chlorination or a salt generator. A saltwater pool isn’t filled with seawater – it uses electric current to convert salt into chlorine. These systems are a bit more expensive due to equipment costs, but many homeowners enjoy them because there are fewer chemicals to buy and less of a noticeable “chlorine” smell.

Finally, don’t forget about a pool cover. We can’t stress enough how much time, energy, and chemicals you’ll save with this feature. This blog post describes the four types of covers. Each one will help keep debris and containments out of your water.

The last and most important factor is budget. An inground fiberglass pool starts around $70,000. This cost includes the cost of the pool itself and does not take into account scope of work from additional contractors (think landscaping, concrete, electrical, etc.) While it’s a considerable upfront investment, this amenity will provide decades of relaxation and recreation. For homeowners who want to create their own version of HGTV’s Supersize My Pool, we can absolutely deliver a pool worthy of a six-figure budget.

Need more help creating your custom pool? Try our handy Build Your Own Inground Pool Wishlist. This tool guides you through pool features so we can generate a detailed estimate.