7 Questions for Planning Your Fiberglass Pool Project

Thinking about a fiberglass pool for next year? The best time to plan your project is now – when the leaves are start to turn and the holidays are around the corner. Use the fall and early winter season to anticipate construction needs and finalize design details. Making these decisions now will help your fiberglass pool project go smoothly and quickly in the spring. Use these seven questions to guide your thought process!

Outdoor Considerations

The size and shape of your backyard has a major impact on a pool project.

1) How much free space is available? You need more room than just the dimensions of the fiberglass shell. Think about the full setting and where patios, sidewalks, decks, and landscaping fit into your vision.

For tight or established backyards, you might need to carve out a pool area in between existing features. For example, it’s common to have sheds, garages, swing sets and sandboxes, or utility lines to work around. Some homeowners even need to remove a few trees or bushes.

2) What is the best orientation for my pool? Privacy from neighbors or an alley is often a priority. The amount of sun exposure is also worth noting. Sometimes a nearby structure or tree can create shade where you don’t (or do!) want it. Even the view of the pool from inside your house is something to consider.

3) Am I required to add a fence? A barrier is often stipulated under zoning codes as a safety measure. In Linn County, for example, the fence has to be 48 inches high, with specific requirements for chain links or masonry as well as access gates (1).

Pool Parameters

Now for the fun part – you get to dive into your wish list!

4) What is my ideal pool size and shape?

A pool shouldn’t just look good – it has to provide an incredible experience. But that looks different to every family. If you are into exercise, a rectangular pool with a swim lane will be a good fit. If you can’t wait to host pool parties, a model with a shallow end and ledges will create a great gathering point. Couples looking for quality time together might choose one with an integrated spa.

Our fiberglass brand – Barrier Reef – offers square and rectangular pools as well as freeform and kidney models. They have something for everyone!

5) What features will enhance my pool?

Consider the entire pool experience. There are so many features that add ambiance. Built-in seating is great for sun lovers, conversationalists, and parents with littles. A model with a deep end is a solid choice for those who love water sports and aerobics. Even the specific blue you select for your shell color has an impact.

Check out our post on seven features we love in Barrier Reef fiberglass pools.

6) What do I need to create a complete oasis?

The space surrounding your pool is just as important as the pool itself. It’s like creating an outdoor living room. For starters, you will likely want a nice sidewalk leading from your house. Then there’s decking, which creates a spot for grilling, umbrellas, and patio furniture. Don’t forget about lighting, which is both a safety need and part of the atmosphere at night.

7) Will any tech make my maintenance easier?

There are so many cool and practical ways to automate your pool upkeep and water chemistry. For example, a lot of homeowners are opting for a salt generator, which creates chlorine out of sodium chloride (read more about how it works). Anyone with a rectangular pool should consider an auto cover, which rolls into place with the turn of a key. There are even robot cleaners that do the scrubbing for you!

Need more help creating your custom pool? Try our Build Your Own Inground Pool Wishlist. With options for fiberglass or custom concrete, this tool guides you through pool features so we can generate a detailed estimate.