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2024’s Hottest Inground Pool Trends

A pool has always been about more than swimming. It’s a place to gather, entertain, and relax.


What you add to your pool enhances everyone’s experience. With that in mind, you want pool features that make a big difference in creating a distinctive atmosphere. From lighting and clean lines to tanning ledges and special pool finishes, there are many ways to set your pool apart.


Discover 2024’s hottest inground pool trends and read on to see how you can make a splash with your pool this summer.


Splash and Shine: Pool Lighting


Lighting is the quickest way to add vibrancy to your pool. Lighting sets the mood, and your options are virtually endless with several emerging trends this year:


  • Smart lighting provides you with the power to instantly change and customize your pool’s lighting from your phone.
  • Underwater LED adds depth, character, and enhanced illumination.
  • Floating lights carry a playful touch.
  • Inground lighting introduces contrast and shadows.
  • Solar lights draw attention to fountains and waterfalls.
  • Path lighting increases safety and brings elegance to the area around your pool.


No matter which option(s) you choose, you’re sure to brighten your environment.


Living Life on the Ledge: Tanning Ledges


Enjoy the water, soak up the sun, and add depth and dimension to your pool with tanning ledges. They’re called sun shelves for a reason, providing a shallow water experience for adults to catch rays and kids to play. You can add lounge chairs, umbrella stands, and even submerged side tables to savor your favorite beverage.


Less is More: Minimalist, Clean Pool Designs


Your pool’s design is likely the first thing people will notice. In 2024, modern is the move. Elevate your backyard and make an instant impression to guests by incorporating the following styles.


  • Straight lines
  • Simple geometric shapes
  • Glass mosaic tiles
  • Sleek coping
  • Minimalist decking


One thing’s for sure: this year will be all about aesthetics that create a sophisticated and modern look.


A Pool of Many Colors: Color-changing Pool Finishes


Imagine your pool water changing colors at various times throughout the day. It’s now a reality thanks to innovative finishes and design techniques. Choose a light gray pool liner for deep blue water or bring in green tones with green, tan, or brown accents.


Transitioning colors are sure to capture attention and vary the look and feel of your pool. With the variety of choices and striking appearances, this is guaranteed to be one of the hottest pool trends of the year.


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