Hallmark Traditional Series

Finnleo’s Hallmark Series makes owning a personal oasis at home easier than ever. Easy to assemble, yet loaded with upgrades usually found only in designer-type saunas, Hallmark puts the opportunity for a daily chance to relax and recharge within reach of everyone.

To the eye, top quality clear Canadian Hemlock inside and out reflects golden light in a warm, comforting glow. The exterior is protected with a biodegradable finish for a luxurious look and ease in maintenance. Interior puck lighting, color therapy lighting system and integrated sound system complete the aura of luxury.


Finnleo S-Series

The new S-Series Sauna by Finnleo is the absolute finest in infared saunas. These saunas are the ONLY Low EMR/Low EF Infrared Saunas. EMR (Electro-Magnetic Radiation) and EF (Electrical Field Radiation) can have negative effects on a persons health. With increased energy efficiency and low EMR/low EF, the new s-series give the consumer a much healthier sauna experience with a lower impact on your energy bill. These Low EMR/Low EF Infrared Saunas are the only infrared saunas in the world that exceed the Swedish standards. The S810 Is The Premier 1-Person Infrared Sauna.


The InfraSauna

Saunatec’s new InfraSauna™ is an industry first–an ETL safety listed product line that offers the following:

  • Custom Infrared sauna on your framed walls
  • Custom Designed Modular/Prefab I/S or IR only

The I/S sauna provides the best of both worlds. You like traditional sauna but your spouse prefers infrared sauna? No problem. On weekends you like a traditional sauna taken with others–and with lots of steam–but during the work week you like the mild-soothing infrared sauna heat therapy? No problem. The InfraSauna™ by Finnleo® is the ultimate sauna–a blending of our Traditional Finnish Saunas with our CarbonFlex®Infrared Technology.


Designer Series

Finnleo’s Designer Series saunas are the most luxurious saunas available in North America. Loaded with upgrades integrated into fresh European design, these saunas are for those looking for the best. Each Designer Series Sauna has individually selected and finished boards. Finnleo’s quality really shows through with precision finish doors and windows. Extensive use of glass and angles gives each sauna an open, contemporary feel. The European styling gives these saunas a striking touch of elegance.


Custom-Cut Series

A special design or unique location doesn’t mean you have to settle for less. The options are only limited by your imagination…innovative use of glass windows and doors, unusual angles, unique bench configurations — with a Finnleo Custom-Cut Sauna you can achieve them all. Your design, in partnership with Finnleo experience and quality, assures unmatched form and function.


Sisu Series

Finnleo’s Sisu series has become a classic of the sauna world. True to tradition, Sisu saunas are made in the Finnish style of exclusive fine-grained Nordic White Spruce—you’ll even notice a subtle scent of deep Finnish forests. Sisu—a clean, pure expression of sauna at its genuine best.

Finnleo Sisu offers unlimited designs from personal size saunas to large club size saunas, making it the ideal choice for any use. Custom designs and sizes are available as well.


Outdoor Series

The Finnleo Patio sauna construction makes it easy to assemble anywhere you have space in just a few hours. At the same time, Patio’s integrated walls and gable system ensure you will enjoy a strong, durable sauna that will be perfect at home for many years to come.

Since several of the Metro models include spacious changing rooms, these wonderful backyard amenities can easily double as a pool-house. With a Metro sauna near the pool, the swimming season can be extended — providing the ultimate experience of “sauna with a cool water plunge.

Why everyone loves Finnleo Saunas

Finnleo® is the market leader and has the most complete line of traditional and infrared saunas. From entry-level portable saunas, to deluxe custom saunas with custom lighting, custom benching and multiple wood choices and styles, Finnleo® has a sauna for every taste and budget.

Qualified Dealers

Finnleo Spa only works with reputable dealers who put the needs of their customers first. Both companies bend over backward for their clients.

Unmatched Quality

Finnleo keeps to its Finnish roots with traditional Scandinavian white woods, abachi benches, and modern interior designs.

Architectural Masterpiece

Raise the equity, style, and practicality of your house. Show off your new sauna to friends and family as the new focal point of your oasis.

Economical Pricing

Every Finnleo sauna is customizable to your exact requirements – swap panels, colors, pumps, and even add steps, ladders, and other luxurious amenities.