3 Ways to Extend Your Swim Season

Pool Heater Think that the pool season is only between Memorial and Labor Day? We’ve got great news – you can enjoy your pool for an extra two months out of the year! The secret is knowing how to counterbalance fluctuating temperatures. Get extra time for swimming and soaks by pairing your pool with a heater, sauna, or an auto cover.

1) Use a Heater

Many people enjoy pool water that’s around 80 degrees. While the sun can do this naturally during the summer, it’s harder when the temperatures are cooler. That’s where a heat pump can step in. It draws in water and transfers warmth to it before circulating it back into the pool.

This is a huge advantage because a pool heater adds April and October to your pool season! Our preferred brand, Pentair, is incredibly easy to use with a digital interface and send alerts to your smart device. Just note that any heater is only compatible with temperatures above 50 degrees.

2) Alternate with a Sauna Session

If opposites attract, then a chilly dip in your pool followed by a sauna steam is a match made in heaven. There’s a growing trend to enjoy alternating between temperature extremes. It’s a way to burn extra calories for swimmers; a soak in cool water can also feel great for anyone with chronic pain or injuries. Spring and fall are wonderful times to enjoy brisk pool water and then cocoon inside your sauna.

There’s no right or wrong order, though always follow your doctor’s guidance for exercise. Some people swim first, then steam. Some get loose and limber in a sauna first and then plunge into the pool for a bracing soak. There are even individuals who switch multiple times between each for short sessions.

Don’t have a backyard sauna yet? Read about our 3 Reasons to Get an Outdoor Sauna.

3) Add an Auto Cover

An auto cover is perfect as summer transitions into fall. The first benefit is that it acts like a layer of insulation. By limiting evaporation, it keeps heat trapped below in the water. Preserving all that warmth means extended swim time.

The protective material also keeps out containments. Leaves, twigs and nuts are especially prevalent as the trees change in the autumn. But it’s a breeze to shield your water because an auto cover slides into place in under a minute. Less debris means less cleaning and more free time to enjoy your pool before official closing.

Auto covers are compatible with rectangular pools. An above-deck version is also available for freeform shapes. Read our advice on How to Properly Maintain Your Automatic Pool Cover.