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3 Reasons to Get an Outdoor Sauna

Imagine relaxing in a warm cocoon of heat while watching a beautiful sunset or the twinkling stars. This cozy retreat is designed just for you, and it’s your sanctuary for wellness and rejuvenation. And best of all, you’ve never left your own backyard! An outdoor sauna is an incredible way to nourish your body and mind. It offers all the health benefits of an indoor sauna with the added bonus of outdoor views. Here are our three favorite reasons to escape into an outdoor sauna.

1) Connect with Nature

One of the biggest perks of an outdoor sauna is the gorgeous windows. Though indoor saunas have glass panels, they usually look onto the interior of your home. But an outdoor sauna takes full advantage of your natural surroundings. You can admire your wonderful landscaping, the morning sunrise, or the night sky as you sit in blissful warmth. Plus the windows let natural light stream into the sauna.

Entering and exiting an outdoor sauna also provides a lovely contrast to the weather. There’s nothing like feeling the brisk air on your skin before and after bathing. Some winter lovers also relish the contrast of the bracing cold! Either way, you can enjoy the beauty of the changing seasons from this cozy retreat.

2) Expand Your Outdoor Living Space

Patios, decks, and backyards are all an extension of our home. These outdoor living spaces are where we eat, drink, laugh, relax, and make memories. The addition of a sauna will only elevate these gathering areas.

Many of our customers place their outdoor sauna beside a patio. Steam first, then refuel with food or a beverage, especially if there’s a fire pit or grill nearby. Some homeowners will pair an outdoor sauna with a hot tub, allowing users to switch between different therapies. Others put their sauna on the far edge of their property so they feel completely removed from everything.

 3) Tailor Your Design

The best part about an outdoor sauna is that the size and shape are completely customizable! As long as it has the correct foundation, plumbing, and electrical, there are no space limitations like there is with an indoor version. It’s your choice to build a cozy sauna for two or a spacious one for friends and family.

Some outdoor saunas, like Finnleo’s Metro, are large enough to double as a pool house! In addition to the sauna, the Metro includes a changing room and can be upgraded with a shower or toilet if desired. This is a great combination for families who equally love bathing and swimming.

We would love to chat about your vision for an outdoor sauna! We also display a number of indoor Finnleo saunas in our showroom! Click here for our current hours and come see them for yourself.