Cold Plunge and Saunas – The Best of Both Worlds

Cold Plunge tubs and saunas

The benefits of Cold Plunge tubs and saunas

There’s a captivating tradition around the global to steam in a sauna and then jump into an ice bath afterward. This type of contrast therapy can be found in Nordic countries, Japanese culture, and even states with Scandinavian heritage like Minnesota. Many people achieve a state of bliss when they alternate between two temperature extremes. See why a wellness routine with sauna and cold plunge is a dream for fitness lovers.

Cold-Heat Therapy

Our bodies have an amazing healing response to heat and cold. Both have been shown to improve circulation, which reduces pain and decreases inflammation. It’s why rotating between ice packs and warm compresses can help certain injuries, muscle soreness, and joint irritation.

Start your own routine by bathing in a sauna and then doing a short session in a cold plunge tub. Being surrounded by steam or infrared heat first gets the muscles loose while the aftershock of cold water improves blood flow.

Want to know the science? A 2017 study with professional athletes had them try cold water immersion and heat therapy in succession and then each separately. Using the same set of exercises each time, participants reported that their fatigue recovery was enhanced when combining both therapies as opposed to just one or the other.

But you don’t need to be a sports player to benefit! Some people simply adore the exhilaration of going from one temperature difference to another. For many, a sauna session followed by a cold plunge is cherished downtime. It’s their moment to step away from their phone, unplug from regular life, and focus purely on relaxation.

An Indoor or Outdoor Retreat

The beautiful, contemporary designs of today’s saunas and cold plunge tubs offer ultimate flexibility. Cold tubs have a sleek, minimalist profile that complements any home decor or backyard setting. They’re a stylish companion to saunas, whether in classic warm wood or cocoa and charcoal palettes.

Position your cold plunge tub and sauna so they are just steps away from each other. Keep in mind that a cold plunge tub is only a little larger than a standard bathtub. You can easily create:

A spa room dedicated to health. Many people add a serene sanctuary on the lower level of their homes. The only consideration is to make sure you have space for the tub’s length, which allows you to recline and submerge fully. You’ll also need room to enter and exit comfortably.

An outdoor retreat focused on wellness. Our Plunge cold tubs are indoor or outdoor –you don’t even have to order a special model for a patio. Their shell is tough enough for all seasons, and they come with a hardy cover to keep the interior protected.

Our Finnleo saunas also have an outdoor series that is engineered to withstand the elements. Just imagine how your backyard could transform by having these amenities side by side. Read our post on how outdoor saunas can become an extension of your home.

Minimal Maintenance

Best of all, both cold plunge tubs and saunas need very little maintenance. They’re designed for years of enjoyment. Saunas can be kept clean with a light mop (use soft or distilled water) and brushing as needed.

Plunge cold tubs have a built-in circulation system with ozone sanitization. They need a monthly filter replacement and light upkeep twice a year such as pump cleaning, drain and refill, and scrubbing the chiller screen.

We are a proud carrier of Plunge cold tubs! With an artic white exterior and rectangular shape, these ice baths will grace any home’s interior or exterior. You can visit our store (hours here) to see both Plunge tubs and our Finnleo saunas in person