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How to Properly Maintain Your Automatic Pool Cover

Automatic pool covers are such an amazing feature. With the click of a button, they glide over your water and shield it from debris. To keep your automatic cover in great shape for years to come, use our maintenance checklist. 

Clean tracks on a monthly basis. 

Auto covers are similar to a sliding screen or garage door. When there is grit caught in the track, the whole system has to fight against it. That extra tension puts wear and tear on the ropes, which can cause them to snap or fray.

To keep the pulleys and track guides moving freely, spray with regular water from a garden hose every four weeks. Also remove twigs and leaves after any storms. 

Keep the fabric clean.

We wash our cars periodically – your automatic pool cover needs the same kind of TLC. You want it to look nice and neat, not grimy. 

All you need is a bucket of water and Dawn dish soap. It’s the safest, gentlest, and cheapest option – plus a little goes a long way! Just add a few drops to a gallon of water. Scrub with a pool brush; your pool filter can handle any bubbles that get into the water. 

Do this at the start of pool season and you’ll only need a few touch-ups during the summer! Plus regular cleaning allows you to inspect the fabric in case a hole or other damage has developed. 

Run your cover pump after it rains.

Rain is part of the summer experience, but any standing water puts strain on your cover. Too much weight will bog down the fabric and snap the ropes – a repair that’s best to avoid. You also don’t want that water to get trapped as the cover rolls up.

If a storm left puddles on your fabric, let the cover pump do its job! This device works like a sump pump for your basement. Set yours on top of the cover, switch on, and watch it work its magic. 

Don’t walk on the cover stones. 

The concrete stones over your cover pit are for decoration only. Always avoid walking or sitting on them. It’s tempting to use them like decking, especially if you have little kids or pets who don’t know better. But the stone’s one and only job is to look good while protecting the cover system when it’s rolled up. 

We take a lot of pride in our pool design. It’s why we place cover pits opposite from entry points. We recommend placing them on the deep end rather the shallow so it’s easier to avoid them.

If the cover pops off the track, don’t panic!

Surprised to find your cover submerged in the pool? It happens to the best of us! It’s a common occurrence if you haven’t kept up with cleaning the tracks or didn’t get water off after a rain. 

Luckily, there’s a manual way to roll up the cover with a socket. It’s located on the motor side of the pit. If you aren’t feeling confident with doing this yourself, our service department would be happy to help. Either way, make sure to let the cover dry off first.

Also call us if the cover is rolling up crooked. Don’t force anything if one side is retracting more quickly than the other – you’ll cause more damage in the long run. We can come out and evaluate if the system needs a quick adjustment or a rope replacement. We’re just as invested in the longevity of your automatic pool cover as you are! 

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