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5 Ways to Automate Your Pool

We love our automatic coffee machines, programmable thermostats, and smart speakers. What’s amazing is that this same technology can be paired with your pool! Learn about the cool ways you can automate your pool and streamline its operation.

1) Pool Cover

Pool covers are a smart way to minimize evaporation, trap in heat, and even prevent accidents. But a manual cover can be difficult to physically move into place. An automated cover is as simple as a turn of a key!

An automatic cover smoothly glides over your water in a matter of seconds using motorized pulleys. Covers are flush on in-ground rectangular pools or above the deck with freeform shapes. We are an authorized dealer for Cover-Pools, which offers two vinyl options and a range of coordinating colors.

2) Robot Cleaners

Did you know there’s a pool version of a Roomba vacuum? These adorable little robots have scrub brushes that whisk away buildup. They’ll also trap debris and particulates they encounter. Some models crawl over floors but some can scale walls! Read our post about which robotic cleaner will work for your pool.

3) Lights and Water Features

Imagine coming home from work with your pool waterfall running gently and your deck lights glowing in the twilight. All of your lights and water features can be fully automated on a set schedule or through remote control. It’s the same ability as opening your garage with an app or programming your home’s exterior lights to turn on once it’s dark.

4) Water Monitoring

Technology that makes water chemistry easier? Yes please! Intelligent sensors can help keep your water clear and sparkling. It’s like the gauges in your car that indicate when you need an oil change or more air in a tire – it simplifies upkeep. Some systems even have an app so you can check levels or run pumps on your phone at anytime from anywhere.

If you have a saltwater pool, we recommend Pentair’s iChlor system. This device automatically converts salt into chlorine. Its sensors continuously measure chlorine levels – no test strips required. Simply push a button to adjust chlorine output in 1% increments.

5) Full Automation

For full pool automation, we rely on Pentair’s IntelliTouch. This control system allows you to program your pool heating, filtration, and cleaning. It even includes lighting and water features! IntelliTouch’s control panel and app manages the scheduling and operation of your pool so you can focus more on relaxation.

This level of precision control saves you money too. Equipment countdown timers, shorter filtration cycles, and syncing operation to off-peak electrical rates really adds up. You also extend the life of your equipment when it’s not working so hard.

Automated systems are simple to include in your pool design. In addition to new pools, intelligence can be added during renovations or to existing pools. Schedule your pool consult by sending us a message. Adding in some of these ways to automate your pool equipment is just another way we build FUN and we’re happy to help!