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Why We Love Robot Pool Cleaners

You own a pool so you can spend your time relaxing in it, not scrubbing for hours. Imagine if you had a device that automatically cleans your pool – just flip a button and all the brushing and vacuuming is done for you. That’s why we love Pentair robotic pool cleaners.

These automated pool cleaners work like a Roomba vacuum. They are programmed to travel throughout your pool, removing grime and debris as they go. Some models even climb the walls! Powered by a plug-in cord, they consume less energy than cleaners that work off your pool pump.

All you have to do is drop the “robo-cleaner” into the water and let it work its magic. No matter the size or shape of your pool, a robotic pool cleaner ensures you have more time to sit back and enjoy your pool.

Here’s a breakdown of some of our favorite robotic pool cleaners from Pentair and what you can expect from each.

Prowler 910

This option is a deep cleaning robot for aboveground pools. Its high-speed scrubbing brush whisks away grime from the pool floor. The robust vacuum sucks up fine particles and large debris. When its cycle is complete, waste removal is a breeze with a top-access filtration basket

Prowler 917

This robo-cleaner defies gravity to scrub every vertical surface of your inground pool. Its hybrid filtration with mesh and cartridge panels tackles the toughest jobs. You can also program it for a timed daily schedule as well as a two-hour cycle for light cleaning. As an added bonus, Prowler 917 works on concrete, plaster, gunite, tile, vinyl, and fiberglass surfaces.

Prowler 920

You’ll find two brushes and a vacuum with this deep cleaning model. One of the brushes continuously rotates at double the speed of the wheel tracks for extra scrubbing. You can also customize its dual filtration levels between large or fine debris cartridges. Perfect for both heavy cleaning and quick touchups, the 920 can be programmed for a daily cleaning schedule. Set it and forget it? Yes please!

Prowler 930

The Pentair Prowler 930 doesn’t need to run on your pool’s filtration system or a booster pump. It can even be controlled through your smartphone’s Bluetooth! This model includes dual filtration, a top-access basket, and built-in timer.

And if you want a totally adorable vacuum, there’s also the ‘Lil Shark. With a toothy grin, this cleaner uses a dual band of bristles and vacuum action to clear a 10-inch path. It’s fully programmable with five adjustable settings. With only one moving part, the ‘Lil Shark provides years of dependable performance.

Need help picking out the right robo cleaner for your swimming pool? Give us a call or send us a message and we’ll get you squared away: 319-200-7665 or [email protected].


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