Fiberglass Pools: 7 Features That We Love

Despite our start in custom concrete pool construction over 25 years ago, we’ve grown fond of fiberglass pools in recent years. Our customers have too! These one-piece pools offer fast installation, great maintenance, and gorgeous aesthetics. But what really makes us excited is all of the fun customization! Here are seven of our favorite features for fiberglass pools.

1) Integrated Spa

An inset spa with a fiberglass pool offers the best of both worlds. You can swim and splash to your heart’s content and then soak away in the hot tub. The transition between cool and warm water is great on the muscles.

Barrier Reef, our fiberglass pool provider, offers two models with integrated spas. The Sydney Harbor is a rectangle pool with a matching rectangle spa. The Daydream is a freeform pool with a kidney-shaped spa.

Already have a fiberglass pool? Barrier Reef spas can be standalone! Homeowners often add in-ground tubs at a later date because they want the same look and maintenance as their fiberglass pool.

2) Flat Bottom vs. Deep End

Pool depth comes down to personal preference. Do you swim competitively, enjoy cannonballs, or play water sports? A pool with depths over 6 feet will provide ample room for vigorous activity.

Do you have younger children, like to do water aerobics, or prefer floating and paddling? Then a shallow, flat bottom is perfect for your needs. For example, Barrier Reef’s Outback Escape has a consistent 4’7” depth across the entire pool length.

Did you say yes to all of the above? There are also pools that have graduated depths, with separate shallow and deep ends. Barrier Reef has multiple options that start around 3’4” and slope between 6’5” and 6’9”. The Whitsunday Deep even goes down to 8’6”!

3) Seating

Imagine the sun on your face and cool water wrapped around your body. We love having spots to sit in the water for a quiet moment. Fiberglass pools offer several spots where you can sit partially submerged without working to stay afloat.

Sun Shelf Underwater seats or ledges that are wider than steps.
Loungers A flat area large enough for several chairs or to sit with your legs outstretched.
Swimouts A ledge in the deep edge that makes it easier to step up or down into the water without having to jump.
4) Rectangles

A rectangle pool offers a classic look that complements home styles from traditional to contemporary. They’re also the only shape that works with an auto cover, which keeps debris out of your water.

With the advantage of a skinnier footprint, a rectangle fiberglass pool easily fits into a narrow backyard where a wider pool or one with freeform edges might not work. They’re a good option when there’s established landscaping, patios, or sheds to work around.

5) Swim Lanes

Are you a dedicated swimmer? While some pools are better for light exercise, those with swim lanes are perfect for anyone serious about their breast or butterfly strokes. Pools with swim lanes are really just any model with room from wall to wall to confidently work on laps.

6) Stairs

Stair placement affects your pool’s orientation. The contours of your backyard – irrigation systems, landscaping, trees, sheds, and even hills or slopes – all impact how you can position your pool. Fiberglass pools offer flexible points of entry that adapt to challenging sites.

7) Color

Blue is blue is blue, right? Not when it comes to pools! The finish of your fiberglass shell creates different hues. For a beachy aquamarine, go with lighter, sandy colors. For classic cobalt, choose a darker tone.

Our pool owners always have excellent taste. The most popular choices they pick from Barrier Reef are Ocean, a deep Pacific blue, and Evening Sky Shimmer, a sapphire blue.

Keep reading to see why we’re so excited about fiberglass pools!