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Hot Tub Spotlight: Vector21 by Marquis Spas

Has a hot tub been on your wish list? In a world full of stress, a hot tub is a luxurious way to soak away your cares without ever leaving your home. That’s why we’re excited to spotlight the family of Vector21 hot tubs by Marquis Spas. These models seat anywhere from 3 to 7 people and are loaded with features that you can’t find in any other brand. See why Vector21 is one of our fan favorites!

Dazzling Design

You can’t help but admire the sleek look of Vector21. Select from six interior shell colors that range from sterling silver to midnight canyon. Many of our customers love the glacier white, which positively glows under the crystal-clear water.

The exterior has two modern color choices: a rich shade of brown and a striking barnwood. Either hue will add a sophisticated appearance to your patio or deck. Plus you can customize your hot tub with Environments – Marquis’ exclusive line of modular benches, steps, and cabinets.

We also love how much attention has been paid to seat design. Comfort is the ultimate goal here. There are three styles of seats: two upright with different heights and one lounger. And check out the footwell! Marquis includes textured reflexology nodules that deliver a blissful foot massage.

Fantastic Features

Let’s talk about Vector21’s bells and whistles. This line has some incredible standard features and several tempting upgrades.

  • VOLT System – The Vector-Optimized Laminar Therapy System vanishes skin discomfort while delivering consistent flow. It also means you won’t be sloshed around by crosscurrents.
  • V3 Controls – These Variable Velocity Valves allow you to throttle the intensity of your water flow to individual seats or between multiple jets. Between 3-5 of the V3 controls are included depending on the model.
  • Massage Seats – The Vector21 has up to four soothing jetpod configurations. There’s a style for everyone: deep tissue with directional jets, shiatsu with firm pressure, a relaxation combo that is diffuse and gentle, and Swedish massage with a gliding sensation.
  • Whitewater-4 Jet (optional) – If you want a roar of relaxation under your feet and legs, then the Whitewater jet will melt away tension. Its 115 gallons per minute is strong enough to churn the top of the water, making it a fun effect for kids too.
  • MicroSilk (optional) – Imagine slipping into a champagne flute of gentle bubbles and that’s MicroSilk! This upgrade is amazing for anyone who wants a quiet soak and hydrated skin. Read more in our post on the benefits of these microbubbles.
Versatile V94

There are six models in the Vector21 family. While we don’t normally play favorites, we confess that the V94 has stolen our hearts. This 7-person tub has over 40 jets throughout its spacious 94 square inches. It contains all four styles of massage seats – talk about maximum relaxation!

The V94 model also have five V3 controls. Plus the Whitewater-4 Jet comes standard! This hot tub is a great option for families or homeowners who enjoy entertaining. And if you want a little more leg room, upgrade to the V94L with a lounger.

Want to know more about our top-rated Marquis Spas? Read our Introduction to Marquis or Marquis Features posts. We also have several models in our showroom, so swing by to see these in person Monday through Saturday.