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Hot Tub Feature Comparison: Moto-Massage vs. MicroSilk

Picking a new hot tub is super exciting, but it can also be overwhelming! There are so many amazing designs, styles, and options to consider. When you get stuck on a decision, try looking at the features. Many brands have unique technology you can’t find anywhere else. We carry Hot Spring Spas and Marquis Spas, which both have one-of-a-kind options. Today’s blog compares two hot tub features related to hydrotherapy: Moto-Massage vs. MicroSilk.

Moto-Massage® by Hot Spring Spas

Moto-Massage is a jet like no other. It features duel streams of jets that run the entire length of your back. Water is swept up and down your torso, creating waves of relaxation. These vertical jets are great at targeting the large muscles on either side of the spine. The sweeping movement also brings blood flow to stiff areas.

This type of hydrotherapy is a lot like shiatsu massage, which uses constant motion to ease muscle tension. Moto-Massage is more comfortable for some customers, especially when stationary jets feel too intense or don’t reach the right areas.

Moto-Massage is also paired with the Quartet Jet System. This row of horizontal jets is level with the neck and shoulders to melt away tension. Users can customize the flow intensity by simply adjusting the directional nozzles.

Moto-Massage is included on the Highlife Collection. Some models, like Grandee and Vanguard, have two Moto-Massage seats. Others such as Sovereign or Envoy have Adirondack-style chairs that include jets under the calves.

MicroSilk® by Marquis Spas

Have you ever wondered what a cloud would feel like on your skin? MicroSilk fills your hot tub with tiny bubbles that gently surround your body. This calming treatment is whisper quiet, encouraging you to soak away your stresses.

The microbubbles are 50-100 times smaller than a typical hot tub bubble. They are created using the same scientific principle as putting your thumb over a garden hose. Special piping constricts the water flow, which then creates water with up to 70% more dissolved oxygen than regular water. This creates a silky sensation like a bubble bath.

These miniature bubbles also retain more warmth. When standard bubbles rise to the surface, they pop and release their heat into the air. But the majority of MicroSilk bubbles stay suspended in the water, spreading their warmth around you.

MicroSilk may also have the ability to rejuvenate the skin. Similar to an oxygen facial, these bubbles leave the skin feeling moisturized and hydrated. According to Marquis, MicroSilk promotes skin cell growth through improved metabolism as well as deep cleansing.

Want to experience these features in person? Schedule a test soak! Please call the store at 319-200-7665 or visit today. You can decide for yourself who wins in Moto-Massage vs. MicroSilk. 


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