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Does Your Hot Tub Need a Salt System?

Did you know salt can purify the water in your hot tub? That’s right! With just a little electricity, regular table salt will convert into chlorine. One of the top-rated hot tub brands we carry, Hot Spring Spas, offers spas with integrated salt systems. Let us break down the science of this amazing feature!

Why We Love It

A hot tub salt system simplifies your water safety. Using an automatic cartridge, the Hot Spring Freshwater Salt System ensures you have sanitization around the clock. You get the same water quality but with fewer added chemicals.

A salt system doesn’t eliminate the need for chlorine, to be clear. There’s actually no such thing as a chemical-free spa. But what it does is really unique – creating chlorine from salt. That’s a huge advantage as salt is less expensive and more common on store shelves.

It happens through a process called electrolysis. Salt is a compound of sodium and chloride. When it passes through an electrical charge, both molecules will split. Now separated, the free chloride is available to neutralize containments.

Another benefit of a salt system is how gentle it is on your skin and eyes. The salinity has a silky feel that’s nowhere near as abrasive as seawater. There are no harsh odors either. The water also gets a boost in buoyancy, which is awesome for stiff joints and even useful during exercise.

Best of all, you save a ton on water. Most hot tubs need to be drained and refilled up to four times a year. That’s hundreds of gallons of water that have to be replaced each time. But with Hot Spring’s inline salt system, the water lasts for an average of a year. That’s a huge win for the planet and your utility bill.

Getting Started

The Freshwater Salt System is available on all Hot Spring Highlife and Limelight Collection spas (starting with 2019 models). It’s even a standard configuration rather than an extra add-on. That means you can upgrade your existing hot tub by simply using the startup kit and switching to the titanium cartridges.

For new tubs, follow the normal startup procedure (read our guide 5 Steps To Prepare Your New Hot Tub). Always remember to fill your tub through the filter compartment. This pushes out any air, so no pockets are trapped in the pipes. That way you can avoid air lock (which is an annoyance but easy to resolve with these tips). Once filled, test for pH, alkalinity, and calcium, then adjust accordingly.

The salt amount is based on gallonage, which varies across Highlife and Limelight models. Salt is poured directly into the filter compartment. Wait for a few minutes to dissolve, then test to verify that the reading is at 1,750 ppm (parts per million).

Spa capacity to salt ratio calculation chart

Hot tub salt system calculation guide from the Hot Spring Spas Salt System Startup Guide

Next add a little granular chlorine to start. The purpose is to establish a chlorine residual. This baseline ensures your water is safe as the salt water system takes over. You may need to adjust for hard water at this time too, using a calcium remover if needed.

It is so easy to activate the Hot Spring Freshwater Salt System. All of the internal workings are ready to go. The cartridge doesn’t require tools to access or replace. There’s no cartridge maintenance either, and an indicator light on the control panel lets you know when it’s time for replacement. We’re excited for you to enjoy the benefits of a salt water hot tub!

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