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3 Reasons to Buy Your Pool Supplies at Our Store

We love online shopping just as much as the next person, but not everything is convenient to order from Amazon. Your pool supplies are one of those purchases that’s easier handled by our expert staff. We have the training to calculate how many chemicals you need and only sell brands that we 100% trust. See how we can help you stock up for pool season.

1) We Do The Math

Would you rather be crunching numbers or enjoying your pool? Unless you really love math, let us calculate your pool chemicals for the year. We start with the number of gallons your pool holds. We’ll already have that on file if we built your pool or if you are a return customer. But if you are a new customer, we can also figure out the gallonage based on your pool dimensions.

Then we use gallons to determine what you need for:

  • Balancers
  • Algicides
  • Sanitizers
  • Weekly maintenance

Because each pool has its own chemical profile, orders are customized for each homeowner. This is especially true for sanitizers. For example, a pool with a salt generator has different chemical needs than one using chlorine, bromine, or BAQUACIL® (a hydrogen peroxide formula).

By letting us do the legwork, you’ll automatically know how many 40-pound bags of salt or how many quart bottles of filter cleaner you might use in a season. Plus it’s easy to overlook things on your own! Will you remember to get enough stabilizer or clarifier? What about calcium, muriatic acid, or phosphate remover?

And because we keep your order history on file, we can make adjustments for the next year. For instance, we might notice that you bought extra shock treatment in the middle of the summer. We can simply add that to next year’s Early Buy and save you an additional trip! A box store or online retailer won’t have those kinds of records or customer service.

2) We Research Quality

Have you ever stood in the grocery aisle trying to compare brands? Rating differences in pool chemicals can be just as hard! There’s a lot of varying quality. Plus it’s difficult to know exactly how to judge a product if you are newer to pool maintenance.

For example, you need to pay close attention to the percentage of active ingredients vs. other ingredients. Generally, it’s better to have more active ingredients. But you need to double check what the ratio is for every brand.

Another example, we recommend Poolife® TurboShock. It has a ratio of 75% calcium hypochlorite to 25% other ingredients. That means 75% minimum available chlorine.

But the brand Utikem One Shot Pool Shock Treatment, which is carried in stores like Menards, only has a 50% calcium hypochlorite to 50% other ingredients. That means it only has 50% minimum available chlorine. Why pay for a less effective product? We only carry products that we stand by.

3) We Stock Your Favorites

As online ordering becomes more popular, shipping delays have also become more common. That’s not a big deal if you’re waiting for home decoration, but pool chemicals are another story. If you are out of an item, you might be in a situation where you need an emergency treatment. Or a treatment delay, even by a few days, could cause an even bigger issue. Because we order in bulk, it’s easier for our store to get products consistently.

Beyond chemicals, we also stock your favorite pool supplies. Don’t fuss with having a bulky pool pole sent to you – just swing by and pick one up! Or if you need a pool vacuum in a hurry, like many people did after the Derecho, there’s no waiting for it to be mailed.

Have we convinced you to let us make your life easier? If not, here are five more reasons we recommend stocking up on your pool chemicals now!

Our Stock Up & Save Early Buy special runs through the end of March. Deals including 25% off all pool chemicals and supplies (plus spa too!), 15% off in-store purchases for the rest of the year, and no shipping fees. Visit our promotions page for more details about minimum purchases and other benefits.