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Swim Spa and Lap Pool Comparison

You love to swim. In fact, it’s one of your favorite types of exercise. And now you want to enjoy water workouts from the comfort of your own home. You have two options – build a lap pool or buy a swim spa. Both will eliminate a commute to the gym and sharing the water with strangers. Learn about the benefits of each type in our swim spa and lap pool comparison to see which one is right for your fitness goals!

Swim Spa

Swim spas are supersized hot tubs designed for exercise and hydrotherapy. They are between 12-17 feet long, which is about twice the length of a standard hot tub. They are also over 7 feet wide – you can do a breaststroke without your fingers touching the sides. Powerful jets create a continuous current that you swim against. Some models, like the Marquis Kona, include side jets that add lift under the torso.

With depths up to 4.5 feet, a swim spa also provides space to do water aerobics, rowing, and weights. Of course, that same depth is great for splashing too! And with some models including traditional hot tub seats, swim spas aren’t only for exercise. You can sit back and enjoy a soak with massage jets whenever needed.

Lap Pool

Want to swim your laps in the great outdoors? There’s a certain magic to slipping into your own pool in the still of the early morning or the peaceful calm of the evening. A dedicated lap pool is a longer, skinnier version of a family pool. They are typically 40-45 feet long but only 6-10 feet wide.

Even though lap pools are smaller, they still require room on your property. But because they are narrow in length, they are great for small backyards. They can even be placed on the side of your house as long as you have enough room between you and your neighbor.

Keep in mind that a lap pool is more for exercise than playing around. There’s no shallow end for kids or internal steps that can double as benches. They’re not deep enough for diving either. It’s also hard to pair them with water effects, like waterfalls, bubblers, or deck jets. However, some people add a hot tub at the end, which is perfect for soaking after a hard workout.

Swim Spa and Lap Pool Comparison
Benefit Swim Spa Lap Pool
Water Aerobics Yes Yes
Jets Yes No
Rowing Yes No
Outdoor Installation Yes Yes
Average Length 7 feet 45 feet

If you truly want the best of both swim spas and lap pools, consider a swimming pool with a lap lane. This is perfect if you have competitive or dedicated lap swimmers in your family. These pools are between 40-60 feet long – traveling this length three times is about equal to the 50-meter length of an Olympic pool lane. Expect to invest at least $120,000 for a swimming pool with a lap lane compared to around $25,000 for a swim spa.

Splash Pool & Spa carries Marquis Spas hot tubs, which includes aquatic training vessels (ATVs)in sports models and a party version. We’d love to talk about your options! Please call the store at 319-200-7665 or visit us today.