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Why Swim Spas Are Amazing

Did you know there’s a magnificent machine that allows you to swim in your own backyard? This wonderful device provides a robust workout for swimmers, a place for water aerobics, powerful jets for hydrotherapy, and multiple seats for soaking. It’s called a swim spa, and it combines the best features of pools and hot tubs. Learn about the incredible benefits of swim spas.

How do you swim in a spa?

Swim spas are BIG. Anywhere from 12 to 17 feet in length, swim spas are longer than a Volkswagen Beetle! By comparison, most hot tubs are only 7 feet long. Due to their size, swim spas are typically installed outdoors.

Then there’s the width. A swim spa is at least 7.5 feet across. That means that even the tallest person can do a full breast stroke without touching the sides. It’s the reason professional athletes like Olympic swimmers and even six-time Ironman World Champion Dave Scott endorse them.

Swim spas are also deep. An average hot tub is just under 3 feet deep, but swim spas are almost twice that! The extra room allows swimmers to kick their feet without worry. Some models can even fit an exercise bike or aerobic step for resistance training.

Are swim spas only for swimmers?

Not at all! Many people love swim spas because of the continuous current. Swimming in place means you never have to stop to turn for a lap. But there are many advantages of owning a swim spa:

  • Strength Building Many models come with rowing kits, resistance bands, swim tethers, and grab bars. Skip a trip to the gym and work out at home.
  • Gentle Exercise – The buoyancy of water can ease stress on joints. Many users who need to avoid high-impact movements enjoy moving in warm water.
  • Hydrotherapy – Everyone enjoys relaxing after a good workout or a long day! Swim spas have vigorous therapy jets that can target sore muscles, soothe tense spots, and promote circulation.
  • Entertainment – Put all that extra space to good use! Many swim spas have two seats in the back, including lounge styles. But the Marquis Vector21 V150 has eight seats! Host a hot tub party that has a perfect splash zone for kids.

Swim spas are also a great alternative to a permanent pool. Swim spas are smaller than a regular pool, so you don’t need a large space for them. Swim spas are also easier to install because you don’t have to dig a foundation, place piping, or lay tiles.

Lastly, swim spa maintenance is almost exactly the same as a regular hot tub! You still need to monitor chlorine, alkalinity, and calcium levels. The only major difference is that you’ll have to add a greater volume of chemicals to sanitize the extra number of gallons. But if you’ve owned a hot tub before, you’ll already be a pro at managing a swim spa.

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