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Are You Buying Trusted Spa Products?

Ready to restock your spa products? We know it’s tempting to shop online or at a big box store, but you’ll trade quality for convenience. Not when you shop with us! We only carry trusted spa products and brands that we use in our own hot tubs. Plus our staff is always happy to answer your questions about water chemistry and spa upkeep. Let us check off one thing on your to-do list!

1) One-Stop Shopping

Water quality is the foundation to an amazing spa experience. For hot tub models that use an in-line sanitation system, we carry chlorine and bromine cartridges. We also stock floatable cartridges from Spa Frog.

While you are here, grab a bucket (or bottle) of granular chlorine or bromine. It’s important to have supplemental sanitizer on hand. It’s like laundry detergent booster – sometimes you need a little extra cleaning power!

We also have your oxidizer, which breaks down organic matter. Don’t forget balancing agents that will help correct your pH balance. They’ll also address specific issues like heavy metals or scale from lime or calcium. These proactive treatments help you stay ahead of issues.

2) Handy Accessories

Do you really want to pay shipping for a spa vacuum? Or have to wait for test strips to arrive in the mail? Does your home improvement store carry the right tablet dispensers? We always have these supplies on hand in our showroom.

One of the most important things we can help order is your spa cover. Because covers are so important to energy efficiency and water conservation, this isn’t an item you want to skimp on. We purchase covers directly from Marquis Spas and Hot Spring Spas – the two brands we carry. We use your tub’s serial number so your cover is an exact fit.

3) Top-Rated Chemicals

We take pride in offering spa treatments that have dependable formulas. We’ve seen how ineffective bargain brands can be. For example, one of our spa customers went to a home improvement store and bought a generic product. It turned all of the water green and the tub had to be completely drained! Oofta…nobody has time for that!

We carry brands such as Brilliance, Spa Frog, AquaSpa, and cartridges for Hot Springs’ FreshWater Salt System. We also LOVE helping you understand ingredient ratios on these products and how to measure correctly. It’s sort of like reading the label on the back of food packaging. You want to know exactly what you’re putting in your hot tub. It’s important that you feel confident and empowered about your spa care and that’s what we’re here for!

Are you a pool owner? Not only do we carry trusted spa products, we take the same approach with our pool customers too! Let us help with all of your pool chemicals and supplies! Read about why you should let us take care of this as well!

Don’t forget, we offer complimentary water testing for anyone any time! Stop in during store hours to 5454 Center Point Road NE in Cedar Rapids or take advantage of our overnight dropbox. Simply leave us a water sample; we’ll test it and email you the results! Now that’s service!