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Custom Concrete Spas vs. Portable Hot Tubs

Torn between a portable hot tub and a custom concrete spa? We know the feeling! Most people are familiar with portable spas, but there’s also an exciting world of custom concrete hot tubs. Either version will be a comforting feature to have in your backyard – see which one speaks to your design style!

Concrete Spas

Concrete spas are the perfect addition to a custom pool. These permanent hot tubs can be poured in any shape – square, rectangle, oval, circle, and even free form. You have the ultimate design flexibility so your hot tub fits perfectly with your pool, landscaping, and house exterior. And there’s no limitation on size either!

Not everyone loves the look of a portable hot tub. Some homeowners want a hot tub that blends in rather than stands out. Custom spas can be recessed directly into the pool or placed just steps away and made flush with the ground. You can even do a raised concrete spa that flawlessly matches your pool. We love adding a waterfall effect so the hot tub cascades beautifully into your pool.

Concrete spas can last for decades. Your custom hot tub can have a lifespan that’s equal to your in-ground pool! These spas can be kept going for years on end with mild renovations, like resurfacing or upgrading equipment.

Something to consider: Keep in mind that everything is custom made for concrete hot tubs. All the piping, rebar, filtration, jets, and even lighting – it all has to be designed on spec for your unique spa.

Pre-Fab Hot Tubs

Portable spas are more comfortable. There’s only so much contouring you can do with concrete seats. Most spa shells are made from acrylic because this material bends so easily. A manufactured spa will have options for bench, lounge, and even Adirondack-style seats.

Acrylic spas have more bells and whistles. Both of our signature hot tub brands – Hot Spring and Marquis – have some amazing jet configurations. These brands really know how to deliver hydrotherapy right where it counts. Plus they both offer some really cool LED lighting that is hard to replicate in a concrete spa.

Portable spas are easier to maintain. With built-in filtration systems, automatic cover lifters, and controls you can run with an app, upkeep is a breeze with moveable hot tubs. Routine cleaning is also easier because acrylic is easy to wipe down.

Acrylic hot tubs are perfect for year-round use. Some of our customers absolutely love using their hot tubs in the winter! It’s such a unique experience when there’s snow on the ground. Custom spas, however, are usually too big for a protective cover and have to be emptied at the end of every season. We recommend portable spas for homeowners who want to soak no matter what the temperature is outside.

Something to consider: A portable spa will eventually get to a point where the shell cracks or the piping is beyond repair. This can happen due to improper maintenance or simply from heavy use and age. A moveable spa has 15-20 good years and then it needs to be replaced.

We feature a number of Hot Spring and Marquis hot tubs in our showroom. You might also consider owning a swim spa. Come visit us during our summer hours M-F 10am-6pm and Saturday 10am-4pm. #SplashUpYourSummer! 


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