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3 Decorative Designs for Concrete Pool Decks

No pool is complete without its deck! It’s the perfect place to lounge by the water on your favorite patio furniture. It also forms a splash zone away from your landscaping and house.

Concrete is the go-to material because it’s durable, readily available, and affordable. But there’s no reason that your deck has to look the same as your driveway or sidewalks. Our friends at Delaney Concrete Contractor describe three ways to transform concrete decking into a pleasing hard surface.

1) Stamped and Stenciled

Want the look of luxury decking materials but without the cost? Stamped and stenciled decks are a cool way to create beautiful patterns. They are completely customizable with color too!

Stamped concrete is made by lightly pressing a mold into the top of the concrete. This leaves a slight imprint that adds depth and texture. The pattern can mimic a range of materials, such as:

  • Brick
  • Cobblestone
  • Natural stone like slate, flagstone, or travertine
  • Wood grains
  • Tiles and pavers

Stencils can also be used to add unique designs. They work just like stenciling a wall with paint. Shapes are traced into the concrete using paper cutouts. This option is especially good at imitating brick and stone tile without having deep grout lines.

“Both stamped and stenciled decks need to be sealed every few years,” says Brad Sevcik, manager for Delaney Concrete Contractor. “This additional step will increase protection against harsh weather and pool water chemicals. It will also help prevent any color from fading in the sun’s UV rays.”

Keep in mind that these looks require skilled labor and additional time to achieve. This might affect your project’s timeline and budget. But the tradeoff is that you’ll have a beautiful design that will last for the life of the concrete.

2) Stained

Do you have a bold sense of style? Skip conventional grey and have fun with color! Stained concrete is a wonderful way to add some personality to your pool deck. Hues can be anything from deep charcoal greys and soothing walnut browns to rusty reds and sunbaked yellows.

“Tint is mixed into the wet concrete. Because of material variations, you’ll achieve a distinct shade that no one else will have,” explains Sevcik.

3) Brushed

Do you want a traditional or minimalist vibe around your pool? Then opt for brushed concrete, which is your classic deck. It has a light texture that is created with an actual broom that is pushed across the top of poured concrete.

This slight impression is a helpful safety feature. It adds grip so slipping isn’t an issue. It’s also low maintenance as no sealing is required. And because brushed is the standard option, so it won’t add any expense to your project.

Want to learn more about pool decks? We have you covered!