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Stages of a Pool Project: Meet the Contractors

Are you excited to start your pool project? We absolutely love helping customers create the pool of their dreams! But just like building a house, a pool project is a collaboration between different trades. In a typical pool project, Splash Pool & Spa will be one of six contractors working together to make your pool a reality. Learn about the different stages of a pool project and the companies that contribute to each.

1) Design

This happens one of two ways: we design your pool or we collaborate with a landscaper on a project design. Splash Pool & Spa coordinates all of your pool details. We start by helping you decide which type of pool is a good fit for your yard and family. We’ve been building custom concrete pools for over 20 years. We also offer inground fiberglass pools from Barrier Reef.

2) Excavation

Excavating an opening for your pool should be done by professionals who have the right experience and equipment to safely dig into the ground. They’ll also know how to deal with any bedrock or groundwater they might encounter. An experienced excavator is trained to dig to the correct depth and create a level or sloped bottom for your pool. They’ll also haul away all those tons of removed dirt!

3) Build

This is a stage that we also handle. Once the design is approved, we build out the main pool components. This includes forming the pool shell after excavation, adding rebar for reinforcement, and creating rough-ins for lighting and electrical. Our team also applies shotcrete, a type of sprayed concrete, to create the walls. We then complete all of the plaster, grout, and tile work.

4) Electrical

Water and electricity don’t mix, which is why you want to a hire a licensed electrician who has worked on pools before. They will oversee all of the electrical needed to run the pool pump, lights, and outlets. They can also account for the extra power load if you have a heater or automated pool cover. Most electricians recommend adding a dedicated breaker box so the pool is on its own circuit.

5) Plumbing

Though it’s mostly hidden behind walls, plumbing is responsible for your beautiful, sparkling water! Pools have multiple plumbing lines that circulate water through the filtration system – all of this should be engineered and installed by a professional. Quality plumbing means you don’t have to worry as much about leaks, low pressure, or clogs. This is also a team effort in the pool project scope. We will run all of the pool filtration plumbing and any water features. A licensed plumber will take care of the gas line to the heater and water to the autofill.

6) Concrete

One of the final stages of a pool project is adding the concrete decks. This material is more affordable than pavers or natural stone. It can also be finished with different styles, such as broomed, stained, or stamped. A concrete contractor will ensure your decks have a professional look that can withstand summer highs and winter lows.

7) Landscaping

Once your pool construction is finished, it’s time to add the final touches! This is a fun opportunity to surround your pool with a lush oasis. There are so many options, like flower borders, turf grass, bushes, and even rock gardens. Some homeowners tap a landscape designer for this stage or simply do it themselves if they love gardening.

Splash Pool & Spa is Iowa’s only Master Pools Guild member. With over 40 years of combined swimming pool construction experience, we can take any idea you have and turn it into a reality. Call us at 319-200- 7665 to schedule your pool consultation or learn more about our preferred contractors list.


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