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4 Types of Pool Decks

Your backyard swimming pool is a true oasis. One of the defining elements of this aquatic escape is your pool deck. The hardscaped area is the perfect zone for your favorite poolside activities. It’s where you lounge in the sun, relish the shade of an umbrella, and enjoy your favorite snacks and drinks. There are four materials and types of pool decks we commonly see on projects: poured concrete, pavers, stamped concrete, and turf grass. See which one will create the right surrounding for your pool!

1) Poured Concrete

If you’ve ever been to an outdoor public pool, you’ve already walked on a poured concrete deck. This material is a top choice because it has fantastic slip resistance. It’s often finished with a broom or exposed aggregate, which has a pebbly texture. Either option helps your feet grip even if there’s water.

Another advantage is that poured concrete works with any size or shape of pool. It’s the same material as your driveway or sidewalks. All you have to do is outline the area you want concrete over and have it poured into place.

2) Pavers

Want a fun pattern around your pool? Then concrete pavers are the way to go. The pieces are precast into shapes like squares or rectangles and then installed like tiles. You can create a beautiful and interesting design that mimics brick or cobblestone. Use all the same size or mix-and-match for a custom combination.

3) Stamped Concrete

One of our customer’s favorite ways to create luxury on a budget is with stamped concrete pool decks. These work by pressing a decorative outline into wet concrete. The finished product creates some really cool effects!

There are also color stains if you want a hue that is warmer, brighter, or darker than standard grey concrete. Stamped concrete can even be made to mimic the look and texture of natural stone.

4) Turf Grass

Have you thought about no concrete at all? You can landscape a lush carpet of green grass around your pool. This is great for homeowners who want a more garden-like ambiance. Another plus is that grass doesn’t get hot in the summer sun, so it’s a nice cool path even on a scorching day.

You might also try a combination of concrete decking where you enter the pool but have grass on the other sides. This will reduce grass getting stuck to anyone’s feet while maintaining that lovely natural look.

The only material we shy away from is wood. A wood deck is lovely for patio furniture and grilling, but it’s not a great match near water. All that splashing in the pool can make the wood slippery, which is a safety hazard. Pool chemicals can also damage the wood and its finish. Our recommendation is to select a hard surface with a slight texture.

Not sure which type of pool deck is right for your project, design, or budget? As an experienced swimming pool builder with years of history, we’ve developed an extensive network of vendors we work with for pool decks on projects. We’re always happy to connect you to a few options to let you determine who will be best suited to collaborate with on your pool project.

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