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Seven Pool Remodel Trends for 2020

Is your pool over 20 years old? Then it’s time for a remodel! Every pool reaches an age where it needs a facelift. In addition to new tile and plaster, a renovation is a great time to finally get the pool of your dreams. Refresh your swimming pool with one of these seven hot trends.

1) Swim-Up Bars

Want to feel like you’re on vacation in your own backyard? A swim-up bar or ledge is a great way to add another entertainment area. It’s like being at a resort pool without having to get on a plane!

A swim-up bar is super easy to include during a remodel. You’ll have a blank canvas to pick the shape, number of stools, and a design look. Composite, stainless steel, or custom concrete are all popular options right now.

2) Dark Colors

Forget aqua – navy is the new pool color! We’re seeing more homeowners ask for a rich indigo blue for their interior finish. These cobalt tones create the look of a peaceful lagoon. They also complement backyards with natural landscaping.

Darker blues also have the advantage of being timeless yet chic. Even Pantone’s Color of the Year is a classic blue! These hues won’t go out of style anytime soon. Plus they’re better for maintenance because they hide grime and buildup.

3) Tanning Shelves

About 90% of our pools include a sun deck or tanning ledge. Set up a few lounge chairs and bask away in the warmth of the sun. We like to think of these as “the kitchen” of the pool – everyone wants to sit and chat here! And because the water’s only a foot deep, these shelves are also great for families with little ones.

4) Pool Automation

There’s an app for everything, including your pool! A few years back, we started to see controls that could adjust lights, temperature, and water features right from your phone. Now automated cleaning is making waves.

As an industry, we want people to spend more time enjoying their pool than maintaining it. Many brands now offer software that monitors chlorine or acid levels. And if you’re familiar with Roombas, there are even robot cleaners that will scrub your pool!

Pentair Prowler 930 Robotic Inground Pool Cleaner Splash Pool & Spa Cedar Rapids Iowa

Pentair Prowler 930 Robotic Inground Pool Cleaner

5) Decorative Concrete Decking

Is your concrete decking cracked? Has it faded to the same ugly grey as your driveway or sidewalks? Replace it with a totally new look – stamped concrete.

While a flat (or broom) finish is standard, it’s also pretty boring. Decorative concrete can be texturized to look like tiles or cobblestone. You can even add color that mimics natural stone. We have an excellent network of concrete companies we can refer you to!

6) Water Features

Water features are such a beautiful way to enhance your pool. We’re seeing more people opt for a deck jet. The laminar flow is great for kids (and adults!) to play in. The streaming water also creates a soothing sound that can mask unwanted noise.

You might consider adding an infinity edge during a remodel too. There’s something truly magical about how the water’s surface disappears where it meets the sky. It’s the ultimate luxury right at home.

7) Custom Shapes

It’s not always hip to be square. Rectangle pools are easy to design and are compatible with autocovers, but it’s also fun to think outside of the box. Freeform pools are a creative way to break the mold. Make a statement with a squiggly shape or gently curved sides.

If you’re thinking about remodeling your pool this year, now is the time to schedule. We can get a jump on demo work early in the season because we don’t have to break any ground. Then we’ll complete plaster and concrete when the temperatures are consistently above 55 degrees.


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