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Why We Love In-line Hot Tubs

Your hot tub is a marvelous machine – wouldn’t it be nice to automate its water chemistry? With an in-line sanitation system, there’s no need to measure chemicals or constantly monitor your water quality. See why we absolutely love the ease of having an in-line hot tub. You can also watch our Splashy Segment The Insider Scoop on Inline.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

An in-line system works directly with your hot tub’s plumbing. Stacked on top of each other, two cartridges handle all of your water chemistry. The bottom cartridge is your sanitizer – chlorine or bromine. The upper one contains minerals that help kill bacteria and keep your water clear. As the filter or jets are running, the cartridges disperse a small amount of chemicals that circulate throughout your tub. The only thing you are responsible for is shocking once a month.

This feature is completely hidden inside your tub; only the adjustable cap is visible. This way, nothing can accidentally get dropped inside and no parts are exposed to the elements. Because it’s built into your spa, the system completely eliminates the need for floating chemical dispensers.

We recommend the FROG @ease In-Line System because it uses up to 75% less chlorine. When you use traditional chemicals, you create a spike whenever you add chemicals and then a dip during spa use. FROG consistently maintains a low level of chlorine between 0.5-1 ppm (part per million). It’s smart enough to sense when containments are rising, releasing a higher concentration only when it’s needed.

Customers love that there’s less of a chlorine odor with an in-line system. It’s also gentler on fabric, which means swimming suits won’t fade as much. Some people even think the lower chlorine level is better on their skin.

Another benefit to the FROG system is that it doesn’t use cyanuric acid. Why does this matter? This stabilizer is often used in chlorine products as a sunscreen, shielding the chlorine from disintegrating in the sun’s UV rays. But unlike pools, spas aren’t exposed to daylight for long periods of time. Cyanuric acid will actually build up in your water, which decreases the effectiveness of your chlorine. With the FROG system, you bypass this inconvenience altogether.

No-Fuss Instructions

An in-line hot tub is a snap to use. Just twist the cap to set your levels. The settings correspond to your gallons. Most hot tubs can start at 3 (301-450 gallons) or 4 (451-600 gallons). You can also increase manually to compensate for extra guests in the water.

The chlorine or bromine cartridge is replaced every 3-6 weeks depending on use, lasting an average of 4 weeks. The mineral one can go for 4-6 months. You can literally hear when your cartridges are low – loose material will rattle around when you shake it.

We can’t stress enough how awesome an in-line hot tub is. Best of all, this feature is super inexpensive. If it doesn’t come standard on your Marquis or Hot Spring model, it’s only an investment of a couple hundred bucks. That’s a great deal for so much peace of mind!