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Aquatic Exercises Great For A Swim Spa

A swim spa combines the best features of pools and hot tubs. You can alternate between swimming in place and taking a long, relaxing soak. But you can also turn your swim spa into a home gym! There are multiple aquatic exercises that are perfect to do surrounded by warm water and jets found in a swim spa. These low-impact activities provide great training while being gentle on your bones and joints.

1) Resistance Training

If you’ve ever used resistance bands, you know the burn! Even though they are lightweight, they work your muscles in a different way. They are also more versatile than heavy weights or kettlebells. Use resistance bands in a swim spa and now you have a whole new experience! Improve your core and upper body strength while comfortably pushing your range of motion. Add cords with ankle straps and you can target leg muscles as well as balance.

2) Rowing

Rowing is another great aquatic exercise for your swim spa. Pair with swimming or as a standalone exercise. It’s a full-body activity that engages your shoulders, arms, torso, and even legs. Plus you control the speed and intensity!

The Marquis aquatic training vessels (ATVs) include a rowing kit with both stretch cords and oar bars. The bars provide a similar workout as a rowing machine in a gym. The cords provide more options to vary between rowing movements and arm extensions.

3) Biking

Too cold or rainy to bike outside? Hop into your swim spa! With an aquabike, you can transform your cycling. The water offers resistance from hydrostatic pressure, which is the weight of the water against your submerged body. The water also cushions your muscles and joints – no hard bumps to jostle you around!

4) Aerobics

Love water aerobics but not taking classes? Enjoy moving and grooving in the privacy of your own home. You can easily walk back and forth or jog in place. You can dance, kick, punch, and high step – all without the crushing force of gravity and a hard floor beneath you. Let the grab bar double as a ballet barre to perform graceful movements. You can also add foam weights or a step stool.

5) Muscle Recovery

Even the more hardcore athletes need to take time off for muscle recovery. What better way to soothe sore muscles than to soak? Hot water promotes circulation, which is one of the ways our bodies repair after a workout. Plus a swim spa is a relaxing environment for stretching, which is a crucial part of any fitness routine.

Read more about why swim spas are amazing here. Splash Pool & Spa is a proud dealer of Marquis Spas, which offers a fantastic range of aquatic training vessels (ATVs) from sports models to a party version.

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