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Introducing Crown, The Latest Marquis Spas Collection

We are so excited to introduce the new Crown Collection from Marquis Spas! With five models, Crown is a regal spa for any home. Our team has been especially impressed with its focus on hydrotherapy, including two all-new features. Here are 6 reasons why we think the Crown Collection will make you feel like a king or queen.

1) Regal Hydrokinetic Jets

Crown tubs have a luxurious array of jets, including the brand-new Regal Hydrokinetic (RHK) Jets. This high-flow, low-pressure therapy uses a deeply penetrating laminar flow. This pressure is specially engineered to effectively relieve tension without irritating the skin.

RHK Jets come in three variations. Target Touch provides deep stimulation, Pulse Touch has a series of sweeping jets, and Multi-Touch is perfect for gentle relaxation. The different jet styles are grouped into special massage seats. Choose from Deep Tissue, Relaxation, Shiatsu, or the all-in-one Swedish Massage Seat or Lounge.

2) High Output Therapy Zones

High Output Therapy (H.O.T.) Zones are another Marquis Spas exclusive. These enhanced jets have flow from 20-40 gallons per minute. This pressure is perfect for all those tight muscles that are hard to reach! You can direct a pump’s entire water flow to a specific trouble spot: shoulders, lumbar, or feet.

3) Dynamic Flow Control

This intuitive valve provides jet control with the turn of a lever. Flip to blue to activate all the blue jets or move to red to turn on the H.O.T. Zone jets. Or choose in between to run all the jets on your seat. There is also a separate air control toggle that allows you to adjust the flow rate. The Dynamic Flow Control valve is a simple way to fine-tune your hot tub soaking experience.

4) Regal Whitewater 4-Jet

Are you ready for the rush of the Regal Whitewater 4-Jet? This jumbo jet delivers oversized therapy, with a flow of up to 65 gallons per minute! Placed near the foot well, it’s a great way to ease tired feet, shins, and calves. Plus it creates a fun geyser of water that’s great for kids to play in (ok, and adults too!)

5) Microsilk

Can you imagine having a lavish spa treatment right in your own home? Microsilk is a proprietary therapy you can add to your Crown model. Float away in a sea of tiny oxygenated bubbles that are 50-100 times smaller than regular bubbles. Read our post about the benefits of Microsilk for your mind and skin.

6) ConstantClean+

Marquis understands how important water quality is. That’s why the ConstantClean+ water management system uses high-flow filtration. It cleans all of your water in only 2.5 hours. Two sanitation steps ensure debris is removed and pathogens are eliminated. Your tub even has smart sensors that know when you are soaking and will run a cleanup cycle 30 minutes after you are done.

Looking for a royal addition to your home? Contact us to view the new Crown Collection from Marquis Spas or request a brochure.