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When To Replace Your Hot Tub

A quality hot tub can last for 10-20 years. It’s pretty amazing to think you’ll experience thousands of hours of relaxation! But like any machine, you’ll eventually need to replace your hot tub. How do you know when to “throw in the towel” though? Here are four signs that your spa is at the end of its life.

1) Repair After Repair

All hot tubs require maintenance. But just like a car, repairs become more frequent and expensive as the tub gets older. Mechanical parts are some of the first to wear out. These aging components often cause performance issues. You might hear unpleasant noises whenever the tub runs or notice that the water takes longer to heat up. Your spa may also have difficulty maintaining temperature. Some of these problems are easy to fix, but if they keep reoccurring, then they might not be worth the money.

It’s also possible that your tub shell will begin to fail. For example, cracks or blistered acrylic may start appearing. Sometimes the cabinet begins to rot or fall apart. These exterior defects can cause serious problems because they allow water to seep into your spa interior, damaging electrical equipment and insulation.

2) Not The Right Size

Another common reason to get a new hot tub is to change the size! Sometimes families find that a 4-person spa is just a little too cozy once there are kids or grandkids. Or a couple loves to entertain but has more friends than hot tub seats. Owners might also move to a new home and realize that a bigger back yard means they can finally upgrade their hot tub.

But sometimes “downgrading” to a smaller tub is exactly what you need. We see this a lot with empty nesters who no longer need 8-person capacity. When it’s “just the two of us,” a cozy 2- or 3-seat spa is just the right fit.

3) Limited Features

There’s a huge difference between a hot tub built in 2000 vs. 2020 – we’ve come a long way in two decades! There are a ton of enhanced features and unique options that simply weren’t available 20 years ago. Just think about how much LED lighting has improved in that time.

There are plenty of good reasons to want a recent tub model. For starters, many have quieter pumps and jets. Color-changing lights and improved audio systems also add a whole new ambience. And the variety of water features such as fountains and waterfalls have also expanded.

Plus digital controls have made huge leaps and bounds. Today’s built-in and detachable displays make it easy to adjust your spa functions. Marquis and Hot Spring even have apps that allow you to monitor and change temperature. It’s pretty cool to schedule maintenance cycles right from your smartphone.

4) Dated Look

The average kitchen or bathroom remodel is every 10 years – sometimes you are just ready for a change. Maybe your cabinet is faded from the sun or you simply don’t like the shell color anymore. You have more choices than ever to pick a hot tub style that suits your aesthetics.

We particularly love Marquis Environments, which are modules that create a true outdoor living space. And the Hot Spring Highlife Collection has six modern cabinet styles: walnut, driftwood, bronze, brushed nickel, sandstone, and shale. Both manufacturers offer coordinated accessories such as umbrella shades, handrails, steps, and storage.

Finally, eco-friendly customers will be happy to hear that a new hot tub is more energy efficient. Major engineering improvements in insulation, pumps, and heaters make a huge difference. A lower electricity bill is good for your wallet and the environment.

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