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Highlife Collection Reimagines Hot Tub Elegance

The 2023 Highlife Collection from Hot Spring Spas is making a splash with our team! Their designers spent two years evaluating every facet of the collection. All eight models have been refined with the word “more” in mind – more jets, more ergonomics, more room, and more luxury.

1) Jet Placement

We’re most excited about the increase in jets! Every Highlife model offers more opportunities for targeted hydrotherapy. For example, the 5-seat Envoy has increased from 43 to 55 jets while the 3-seat Jetsetter jumped from 14 to 22 jets.

You’ll also notice a difference in Highlife’s jet location and size. They’re more strategically placed to better match muscle groups. The hip jets are especially amazing for anyone trapped at a desk all day. There are also JetStream jets that massage the feet and Achilles tendon.

2) Seat Comfort

Seat design and ergonomics are a huge part of the collection revamp. This is most noticeable on lounge seats. The backrest is two inches wider, providing more shoulder and hip room. There are also recesses for your calves

But the lounge feature we love the most is the inclusion of arm rests! Both sides are paired with a jet for your forearms, wrists, and hands. This feature is perfection for anyone who works with their hands, uses a keyboard for a living, or has a condition like arthritis.

3) Sophisticated Exterior

The Highlife Collection’s exterior design has been streamlined. You can definitely see how the designers were inspired by high-end cars. The cabinet now features two wide-plank horizontal panels for an architectural look.

The color palette also reflects the monochromatic neutrals that are popular right now. Exterior colors are paired with specific shell colors – every combination is guaranteed to coordinate. We would never play favorites, but the new Blackwood and Linen colors certainly have our attention.

Other upgrades are matching steps, more flat surfaces for drinks, and an embossed panel texture.

5) Tech Touches

It seems like a small thing, but it’s so nice when jet controls are within reach. Highlife’s massage controls have been relocated directly next to each seat. You can adjust your settings without having to move.

A unique Hot Spring feature is its illuminated logo. It’s actually an LED status indicator, with different colors for power, temperature settings, and service alerts. This badge now includes another smart feature – a photosensor that automatically activates the tub’s exterior lights at dusk.

Other tech-friendly options include popup audio speakers, a wireless remote control panel, and its signature FreshWater Salt System.

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