Our Guide To Swim Spas

Are you thinking of adding a swim spa to your home? These amazing vessels offer the best combination of exercise and entertainment. We are a proud dealer of Marquis’ ATVs – aquatic training vessels. With six models to choose from, all offer the dual benefits of hydrotherapy and fitness. See which swim spa is the best fit for you!

Beginner – ATV-14

At 14 feet long, the ATV-14 Splash is a great starter swim spa. Improve your swimming stamina with its single tether point and two turbo jets at 160 gallons per minute (GPM). The 48-inch depth also provides room for resistance rowing.

Upgrade to the ATV-14 Sport and experience the flow of six high-volume turbo jets. These are powered by three two-speed pumps that deliver 480 GPM. The twin tethers allow you to perform movements with and against the flow, offering more workout versatility.

ATV 14 Splash swim spa by Marquis Spas found at Splash Pool & Spa in Cedar Rapids

ATV-14 Splash swim spa by Marquis Spas

Seasoned – ATV-17

The ATV-17 Sport and Kona models have an additional length of three feet. Their roomier interior provides more space for exercise, rehab, and conditioning. Imagine the impact of performing water aerobics in 53 inches of water. That 4.4-foot depth cushions joints from hard impact so users can focus on muscle groups.

The ATV-17 Sport even includes six Whitewater-4 jets with two Buoyancy jets, effectively lifting the torso so you can concentrate on your swim strokes. Use the removable aqua aerobics step to improve balance, agility, and muscle tone.

ATV-17 Kona model swim spa by Marquis Spas found at Splash Pool & Spa in Cedar Rapids

ATV-17 Kona swim spa by Marquis Spas

Party – V150

At an astonishing 12.5 feet long, the V150 is the perfect entertainment center. Its 8 seats are an invitation for socializing and soaking. The V150 is part of the Vector21 line, which means it features VOLT (vector optimized laminar therapy) jets. Their V3 throttle jets allow you to customize the water flow pressure (read our spotlight on the entire Vector21 family). Choose from the V150P or V150W model which offer different seating and layouts.

The V150 also has everything that dedicated athletes desire: Whitewater-4 jets, swim tether, and rowing kit. Beyond swimming, its spacious core allows you to cycle, jog, resistance train, and perform plyometrics.

V150W swim spa by Marquis Spas found at Splash Pool & Spa in Cedar Rapids

V150W swim spa by Marquis Spas

The one thing that all of Marquis’ ATVs have in common is jets! Relaxation is a huge part of the swim spa experience. The ATV-14 and 17 both have 26 therapy jets. The V150 has 36 jetpods in addition to 2 footwell jets.

Another unique feature of every ATV is their bowed sides. This gentle curve gives you more elbow room and wingspan. You can perform everything from rows to breast and butterfly strokes with total peace of mind.

Want to see a swim spa in person? Stop in our showroom to see the latest models available. You can also learn more about ATV features at Marquis.com or read our primer on how swim spas can add so much enrichment to your life.