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New Years Resolution Series: Sauna Health Benefits

Every year we find ourselves evaluating where we stand, what the year behind us brought us, and where we want the new year to take us. For many, we resolve to do something about our health or fitness regimen. This week we bring you our second part in the two part series tied to New Years Resolutions and health. We will be exploring the sauna health benefits.

Whether you go to the gym and utilize the sauna there or are contemplating if it would be worth it to invest in a sauna for your home, there’s no question there are many health benefits stemming from the use of saunas. Here are some of our top picks for the sauna health benefits you can reap the rewards from.

Stress Relief

We all know that stress can take a toll on our appearance, as well as, physical and mental health. Saunas are known to provide stress relief in several ways.

The isolation from distractions that saunas inherently provide can do wonders if you’re in need of decompressing from a long day. In addition, the heat produced by a sauna increases circulation, relaxes muscles, and even contributes to the creation of endorphins.

Pain Relief

Just as we mentioned in our post about Hot Tub Health Benefits, heat is your friend when it comes to pain relief. Elevated temperatures found in saunas (or hot tubs) cause increased blood circulation. This increase in circulation decreases pressure on achey joints and soothes sores muscles. If you deal with aches and paints frequently, a daily sauna session may be just what you need.

Improved Cardiovascular Health

Although nothing can replace exercise, some studies have shown that the use of a sauna may provide similar health benefits to that of regular exercise. With the increase in body temperature that comes as a result of sitting in a sauna, heart rate increases. This increase in heart rate has shown to potentially decrease the risk of cardiovascular diseases according to MedicalNewsToday.com.

Flushing Of Toxins

Depending on who you ask, this next sauna health benefit may or may not be entirely true, however, it does have some historical references to back it up. Due to the high amount of sweating an individual does while in a sauna (the average person loses a pint of sweat per 10-15 minute sauna session), some believe that this aids in flushing toxins from the body. Sweat sessions used as therapy date back to the days of Mayan civilization so it doesn’t seem unlikely that saunas could provide similar benefits.

Improved Sleep Quality

Not unlike the health benefits from the use of hot tubs, saunas can also help to improve the quality of your sleep. Correlating back to the elevated heat in a sauna environment, once the heat wears off, your body gradually starts to cool down. This slow decline in endorphins can leave you primed for a deep good night’s sleep.

That concludes our two part series on New Year’s Resolutions and your health. The only thing you will need to resolve now is whether you want to bring one of our beautiful Marquis spas or Finnleo saunas home with you next.

*Please note our expertise is in swimming pools, hot tubs, and saunas. If you have any questions pertaining to your health, please seek the consultation of a licensed physician.


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