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Real Talk – Budgeting for a Hot Tub

Ready to buy a hot tub but nervous about the cost? That’s completely understandable! A home spa is a meaningful investment in your physical and mental health. But there’s a lot of misinformation out there about hot tub pricing. Take a look at the three biggest misconceptions we hear from customers about buying and budgeting for a hot tub.

1) Larger Is More Expensive

The bigger the hot tub, the higher the price tag, right? Not always the case! It’s like buying a car – it all depends on the features. Sure, there are lots of big trucks, but there are also high-end cars that are more expensive.

Because size isn’t the only thing that determines price, pay attention to options. Do you want the latest generations of controls and a smartphone app? That’s usually an upgrade. Do you want to include an audio system with speakers and a subwoofer? Those aren’t always standard. Is there optional lighting you want to add? Expect your budget to increase.

2) Buying Online is Better

Amazon and Costco sell hot tubs, so why go into a spa dealer and purchase one? Online shopping is super convenient, but it’s not always a good fit for every product. Even big-box stores aren’t the best place to buy a hot tub.

First, you’re completely on your own. No online chat assistant or retail clerk is trained to answer in-depth questions. Most people enjoy having a knowledgeable guide when hot tub shopping. You want someone you can trust who can compare models or explain how features work.

Second, you can’t do a test soak. Not only are test soaks fun, but they can really help you narrow down your choices. We have customers who fall in love with a model in the brochure but then end up switching to a different one once they’ve tested all the features.

3) All Spas Are The Same

Number of jets, seat styles, jet configuration, water features, color-changing LEDs, shell options – there is an amazing array of hot tub features on the market. Even within the same brand, each individual line can show a huge amount of variety.

Because every manufacturer has a unique take on spa design, it’s usually proprietary features that change the final price. For example, you can upgrade your hot tub with MicroSilk by Marquis or Hot Spring’s FreshWater Salt System. But no one accessory is going to blow your budget. Look at the big picture and your entire wish list.

We recognize that money is always a practical concern when buying and budgeting for a hot tub. But it’s equally important to think about the type of spa experience you want. Some families get a hot tub for hosting parties. A portion of our customers use their spa for therapy and wellness. And who doesn’t love a nice quiet soak where your mind drifts away? Whenever you budget for a new hot tub, remember what you are ultimately purchasing – stress relief.

We know a hot tub can cost a pretty penny – that’s why we offer financing! We have two options to pay over time: a 12-month, 0% interest loan or a repayment period for up to 60 months with an APR as low as 9.99%. Call us today at 319-200-7665 or swing by to discuss!


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