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Six Updates to Finnleo Saunas for 2020

We can’t stop talking about the latest innovations from Finnleo! This Minnesota sauna maker just released an amazing set of updates to celebrate 35 years in business. They’ve thought of everything from a 5-person sauna and a freestanding patio model to aromatherapy products and controls that work on your phone. See why Finnleo continues to be the only sauna brand we carry!

1) New Size for Steam + Infrared Sauna

Is your house divided between traditional steam and infrared (IR) heat? Meet the new IS565, which features a roomier design that holds up to five people. Comfortably entertain multiple guests or enjoy spacious relaxation with family.

This version is perfect for users who want to switch between sauna therapies (learn more about the benefits of steam versus infrared). The wall-to-wall IR panels deliver a restful dry heat while the Designer heater emits soft waves of steam.

2) Touchscreen and Mobile Controls

The first sauna control that can be controlled by a mobile device in the U.S., the new SaunaLogic2 (SL2) allows you to operate your heater from anywhere! Imagine being at the end of a long work day and turning on your sauna with your phone so it reaches the perfect temperature by the time you drive home. SL2 is also voice compatible with Alexa, Siri, and Google Home. We can hear it now…”Alexa, turn on my Finnleo Sauna!”

We’re also excited about Finnleo’s latest touchscreen controls for Elite, SL2, and Pure 2.0. These sleek panels include your most important functions, such as temperature settings, timers, light switch, and clock. They are so waterproof that they can even be mounted inside the sauna!

3) Plug-N-Play Gets Revamped

One of our customer favorites, the Hallmark plug-n-play series has a fresh new look. Sink back into its redesigned benches and select an LED color that fits your mood. Running on a 120v outlet, Hallmark now comes standard with a Designer heater and SaunaLogic2 control panel.

Finnleo S840 Infrared Sauna Splash Pool & Spa Cedar Rapids Iowa

Finnleo S840 Infrared Plug and Play Sauna

4) Enhanced Interior Options

The Modified Deco interior is one of Finnleo’s best sellers. It’s easy to see why – you can create a truly custom layout with its fixed upper benches. The middle platform allows you to move comfortably between sitting and laying positions. Deco’s two-tone wood combinations are also visually striking.

5) New Accessories for Relaxation

Finnleo is branching out into aromatherapy! Its line of Rento products create an incredible sensory experience that will uplift your spirits. Enjoy special scents that capture the magic of Scandinavia, including birch (a staff favorite!), arctic berries, and wood tar.

For skin care, try Rento’s body washes, scrubs, foot bath, hair care products, and massage oil. These accessories can also be used in your shower or bathtub.

6) Patio Sauna for All Seasons

Want an outdoor sauna that fits under your deck or sits next to your pool? The Euro Patio Sauna is your answer. Its flat roof allows it to squeeze into tight places.

Enjoy all the same features as the original Patio Sauna, such as water-resistant flooring, white spruce or cedar paneling, and a Designer heater. Specify as a single room or add a changing compartment.

There’s nothing that replaces seeing and feeling a sauna in person. We have several floor models that you are welcome to explore. See which wood look is your favorite, experience the color-changing LEDs, and try different bench designs. Call us today at 319-200-7665 or swing by when you have a free minute!


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