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4 Don’ts For Maintaining Your Hot Tub Cover

Your hot tub cover is one hard worker! This single feature is responsible for keeping your water pristine and trapping in all that delightful heat. Regular cleaning is an important way to extend the life of your cover. That’s why we’re dispelling four don’ts for maintaining your hot tub cover so you can preserve its longevity.

1) Skip regular cleaning

We know – cleaning your hot tub cover is just one more chore on a long to-do list. But in all reality, it’s super simple. Monthly cleanings not only remove grime, they stay ahead of mildew and mold too.

For everyday care, all you need is a standard push broom to brush off material like leaves and sticks. You can even use a garden hose if there’s any soil that’s caked on – just don’t use something as strong as a pressure washer!

For a deep clean, first remove the cover and place on a level, non-abrasive surface. This allows you to access both sides without scratching or tearing the vinyl. It also ensures that any dirt and debris that washes off doesn’t drip into your clean spa water.

2) Use the wrong cleaning products

We’ve seen horror stories of spa owners using harsh chemicals like straight bleach, rubbing alcohol, or laundry detergent. Because these products aren’t formulated for vinyl, they can actually damage your cover. Only use a designated spa cover cleaner.

We recommend Brilliance Cover Cleaner, which easily tackles dirt and dust. All you do is apply, lightly scrub, and wipe off – no rinsing needed. Alternatively, you can skip products all together and simply use water and a microfiber towel.

3) Put the cover on right after chemicals

Whenever you balance your water, some of the chemicals start releasing vapors. While these are harmless to human health, they’re not the best for the underside of your hot tub cover. For proper maintenance of your hot tub cover, it’s best to keep your cover open 30-60 minutes after adding chemicals; closer to an hour after shocking. This allows those concentrated vapors to dissipate into the air rather than accumulate on the vinyl. 

4) Let water, snow, or ice accumulate

Let’s face it – moisture is heavy! It’s why home roofs in the Midwest are slanted so everything slides right off. But your spa cover may need an assist after a heavy rain or snowstorm. Even water dripping can freeze as it pools on top of your cover. A good rule of thumb is if you need to scrape or brush off your car, take an extra minute to remove snow from your hot tub cover too.

Is your hot tub cover possibly on the fritz? Here are five clues that it’s time to upgrade your spa cover. If so, visit our showroom so our staff can help you select a new cover!