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How To Get A Hot Tub Into Your Backyard

Buying a hot tub is such an exciting process! Once you’ve decided on which model is best for your family, it’s time to schedule delivery. Many customers are unsure about the logistics of installing such a large item on their property. But no worries – we help you every step of the way! Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at how we transport a hot tub into your backyard.

Step 1 – Preplanning

Homeowners are sometimes surprised by all the planning that goes into their hot tub orientation. For example, you have to think about access for the control panel, steps, and cover lifter. You might even have a view that you want to block, like that nosy neighbor next door or traffic in a busy alley. Plus you need a place for any storage cabinets, bar counters, and umbrellas.

You also need a foundation for your hot tub. Most customers like a concrete pad because it has a solid surface. Otherwise you can use pavers, crushed gravel, or a prefabricated product called EZ Pad.

Don’t forget about a sidewalk either! You don’t want to walk across grass and dirt in your bare feet before jumping into your hot tub. Make sure your pathway also provides access to your filters, control panels, and cover lifter. A walkway is also nice in the winter so you can easily remove snow from the cover.

Step 2 – The Site Visit

Because every yard is unique, we perform a site visit ahead of delivery. We need to identify any obstacles our crew might encounter. We don’t want to risk their safety or run into anything that might damage your brand-new hot tub.

Even though we deliver hot tubs on their sides, we still need 36-38 inches of clearance. Things like fencing, gates, landscaping, stairs, steep hills, and retaining walls can be an issue. But most of time, we can move your hot tub manually into place and avoid the cost of a crane delivery.

Step 3 – Delivery Day

Now that your hot tub pad is finished and our team knows how to safely move through your yard, it’s time for delivery day! We typically have four people handle the tub plus a spotter. That’s because the dry weight of an empty spa can be anywhere from 500 pounds to over a 1,000!

Our crew will use a sled with carrying straps to gently move your spa into place. It takes an average of 30 minutes to unload, move, and position your hot tub. But if we are removing an old spa, add another 30 minutes. The cover lift will then be installed by a service tech at a separate time.

Step 4 – Preparation

Have your garden hose ready? Because now comes the fun part – filling your hot tub. It can take a few hours to fill depending on your water pressure and how many gallons your spa needs.

Remember that garden hose water is pretty cold, so expect it to take up to 24 hours to heat up your water. Once your water is warm and circulating, add chemical treatments. For immediate use, it’s safe as long as you have enough sanitizer in the water. Just make sure to balance pH, alkalinity, and calcium on the second day.

We know a hot tub can cost a pretty penny – that’s why we offer financing! We have two options to pay over time: a 12-month, 0% interest loan or a repayment period for up to 60 months with an APR as low as 9.99%. Call us today at 319-200-7665 or swing by for details!


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