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6 Questions To Ask Your Pool Builder

Are you unsure how to vet a swimming pool builder? We get it! Building a pool isn’t a common experience, so many people are new to the process. Finding the right pool builder is like hiring any other contractor – you want to do your homework first.

We absolutely love when prospective customers come to us with a long list of questions! We want you to feel absolutely confident that we are the right team to build your dream FUN hub. Here are six questions we encourage you to ask any swimming pool builder before signing on the dotted line.

1) Do you have an in-house construction department or do you sub that out?

It’s generally less expensive if a pool builder handles construction rather than adding the costs of a subcontractor. It also provides better quality control. When we are familiar with a project’s ins and outs, we can handle repairs more efficiently. We have all the plans, system manufacturers, and product names on file. If something needs to be corrected, there’s no chasing down a construction subcontractor who may or may not still be in business.

Also ask for a list of the other subcontractors common on a pool project: excavation, electrical, plumbing, concrete, and landscaping (read more about them in this post). Your builder should be partnering with other professionals who are equally experienced.

2) How many crews do you have?

A project’s timeline is affected by how many people are working on it. Imagine the difference to the schedule if your house was constructed by a full crew or just two people. It’s the same with a pool – the more people involved, the better.

At Splash Pool & Spa, we have four crews (and counting) building pools during construction months. Each team has 4-5 people, including a superintendent, foreman, assistant foreman, and laborers. Having multiple crews running at the same time means that each project has our full attention.

3) Can you provide references?

Don’t be shy about asking for testimonials! We have happy customers who would be happy to have you see their pool in person and ask them about their experience. We have tons of pictures from past projects we can gladly share as well.

4) Are you a member of any trade associations?

This is an important distinction. Not only do you want to make sure any pool builder is licensed and insured, but check for other professional credentials. Ask about their status with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), membership in the local chamber of commerce, and even if they participate in continuing education.

For example, Splash Pool & Spa is the only Master Pools Guild member in Iowa. This organization selects builders based on “skills, reputation, and outstanding ability in pool design and construction.” We love being part of an elite group of around 100 builders that receives “the encouragement to continuously improve their skills and achieve their aim of building the world’s finest pools.”

5) Do you offer a warranty and what is covered?

Every warranty is unique, which is why you should ask your pool builder what theirs covers. Some include equipment, structural, and workmanship, though products are often covered by a manufacturer’s warranty when installed by an authorized dealer. Sometimes the shell has a separate warranty. Keep in mind that damages from a storm, like the Derecho, would fall under your homeowner’s insurance.

Also be sure to double check the warranty’s length. Exactly how long will the work be covered? There’s a huge difference between one year and two years!

6) Do you provide design services?

You probably have a Pinterest board full of fantasy pools (it’s ok, we do too!). But someone needs to turn those luscious ideas into actual plans. Ask your pool builder if they offer this service or if they work with a separate designer. In either case, you will likely be charged for someone’s time and experience to draft plans.

But we provide FREE design services. We love working with clients to turn their vision into an amazing pool area. Your project with Splash Pool & Spa includes all the design drawings at no charge.

Ready to start checking us out? Snoop away! You can read our customer reviews on Facebook and Google. You can also call us at 319-200- 7665 to schedule a pool consultation.