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What Is The Perfect Hot Tub Temperature?

Do you remember the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears? She kept trying beds until she found the “perfect” fit. Setting your hot tub to the ideal temperature can feel the same way! Sometimes all it takes is a willingness to experiment. Luckily there is a range of degrees where you can find just the right warmth for your hot tub.

98-100 Degrees

If you aren’t sure where to start, go for the lower end. Some people prefer temperatures that hover around 98.6 degrees, our average body temperature. Think about how toasty you like your showers or baths. If you like them a little on the cooler side, you’ll probably enjoy a hot tub that has a milder feel.

Lower temperatures are also fantastic on scorching days. Or maybe you just worked out and want the benefit of keeping your muscles loose without feeling overheated. Plus little kids and the elderly may be more comfortable in this range.

101-104 Degrees

Most hot tub users love soaking in the low 100s. This temperature span is the default for most models but that’s for a good reason! Water elevated above our body core feels marvelous. It’s a great way to soak away tension, both physical and mental. And especially if you love winter soaks, this hot water level is an amazing contrast between the chilly air.

Never Higher than 104 Degrees

A friendly reminder – there’s a good reason there’s an upper limit to hot tub temperatures. Just like hot weather can be deadly to humans, so can water that’s too hot. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission states hot tub water should be kept at around 100 degrees and no higher than 104 degrees:

“Soaking in a hot tub with water heated to 106 degrees Fahrenheit, for example, can raise human body temperature to the point of heat stroke (or impairment of the body’s ability to regulate its internal temperature). These conditions can be fatal even to fully healthy adults.”

Thankfully, all modern hot tubs have safeguards that limit the temperature from spiking above these presets. You can always keep a separate thermometer on hand as a backup though, just for peace of mind.

60 Degrees with CoolZone

If you really want a unique hot tub experience, try the CoolZone System by Hot Spring Spas. This feature allows you to significantly lower your water temperature – all the way down to 60 degrees!

Imagine a sweltering day in August and slipping into chilled but not freezing water. Or alternating between a sauna and immersing yourself in balmy water. CoolZone is also a great option for anyone who is heat sensitive but still appreciates soaking.

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