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Battle of the Hot Tubs: Hot Spring vs. Marquis

Are visions of hot tubs dancing in your head? We’ve got you covered! Just like shopping for a home or a car, we all have a wish list when selecting a spa. It’s actually a good idea to know which hot tub features are the most important to you and your family. Use this wish list of features to conduct a hot tub brand comparison

Let us help you navigate two of our most popular spa brands: Hot Spring Spas and Marquis Spas. These leading hot tub manufacturers have a huge array of innovative features that are guaranteed to provide relaxation and renewal. Take a peek at their similarities and differences.

Splash Pool & Spa hot tub brand comparison: Hot Spring Spas vs. Marquis Spas


Hot Spring

Exclusive Features* MicroSilk is a cloud of oxygenated bubbles that are gentle and soothing on the skin The FreshWater Salt System automatically generates chlorine
Hydrotherapy H.O.T. Zones are special jets with laminar flow. JetPods also deliver deep tissue, relaxation, shiatsu, or Swedish massage configurations Moto-Massage is a moving jet that sweeps up and down your back. Precision jets also offer targeted relief for shoulders, neck, back, and even calves
Lighting Upgrade to color-changing LEDs with Starlight, Twilight, or Constellation Lighting Color-changing LEDs with six vibrant colors. The Limelight collection also includes illuminated corners
Maintenance ConstantClean includes a unique filtration system that pulls water and debris from the top and bottom of the tub The illuminated Hot Spring logo is an indicator light that changes color when there’s needed maintenance or service
Sanitization Upgrade to an in-line sanitization system with mineral and chlorine cartridges Exclusive no-bypass filtration system. In-line sanitization also provides self-regulating water care
Automation SmartClean software schedules regular cleanup cycles The IQ 2020 spa control system includes a floating touchscreen panel
Design Environments is a series of customizable modules that includes steps, cabinets, and counters Six shell finishes in wood, metal, and stone looks. Add steps or a shade umbrella

 * Please note some features are only offered on specific lines. Our sales team is happy to help you explore the unique qualities of each model.

Curious about audio systems? Need to know about energy use? Want to compare warranties? Both Hot Spring and Marquis offer a range of additional benefits. We’d love to help you evaluate what each model includes. Trust us, we could talk spas all day!

And if you still aren’t sure after researching online and looking at reviews, we invite you to take a test soak! It’s actually the most effective way you can narrow down your choices. Plus it’s a fun way to spend an hour of your time.


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