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Set The Mood With These Top Five Picks

This week love is in the air. Whether cupid struck you with his arrow or you’re a romantic at heart, Valentine’s Day is here. Some look forward to the holiday all year round, while others deem it “a Hallmark holiday”. We say why not celebrate love and romance all year long?

Whether you’re a hopeless romantic or looking for an added spark, here are our top five picks for ways to set the mood.

Flameless Candles

Not only are real candles messy, but they pose a fire hazard and at times are a pain to keep lit. Skip all the mess and hassle of real candles and substitute in these flameless wax candles. They run off of an LED battery and will set the mood just as well as the real thing. Some varieties even allow you to program a timer for when the candles should turn on and off.

Set The Mood Flameless Candles

Flameless wax candle selection from Pottery Barn

Aromatherapy Hot Tub Crystals

Escape the hustle and bustle of the day and set the mood using aromatherapy. Calming or warming scents are the perfect option. These aromatherapy crystals from Spazazz can simply be applied to your hot tub (or any tub for that matter) and you’re senses will instantly be soothed. Try scents such as Lavender Palmarosa (Relax) or White Musk Jasmine Vanilla (Soothe), available at our local showroom location.

Set The Mood Aromatherapy Hot Tub Crystals

Aromatherapy Escape Crystals from Spazazz


Champagne is a must when it comes to setting the mood. Not only is it light and refreshing, but it’s far less fussy than a whole mix of ingredients required for a cocktail. Broken glass, however, can ruin the moment in a heart pitter patter. That’s why we are loving these shatterproof champagne flutes from Govino. Perfect for a hot tub soak or an evening poolside, these stemless flutes will keep the bubbles flowing all night long.

Set The Mood Shatterproof Champagne Flutes

8oz shatterproof champagne flutes from Govino

Fresh Flowers

Romance and flowers are a no brainer, however, many local florists are now closing their doors and leaving the choice for a beautiful bouquet between chain store delivery or whatever is left in the cooler. This is why we fell in love with Bouqs.com. The Bouqs Co. is an online floral delivery service that works with the florists and farmers of America to procure the perfect floral arrangement. Flowers are cut to order and sent out the same day eliminating waste while helping local farmers grow their businesses. We are definitely feeling the love!

Set The Mood Roses

Napa Grand roses bouquet from bouqs.com

Hot Tub

You had to know it was coming right? What good would all the rest of these things do, without a hot tub? Warmth and relaxation lend itself to the ultimate way to unwind and reconnect with the one you love most. The Marquis Spirit model hot tub can fit up to three people, but truly is ideal for couples. When the champagne bottle is empty and the flowers have wilted, this hot tub will continue to set the mood for years to come.

Set The Mood Hot Tub

The Marquis Signature Series Spirit hot tub available in our showroom

Valentine’s Day is once a year, but love can happen anytime and anywhere. With these five picks for how to set the mood, you can keep the romance going all year round.



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