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8 Ideas For Decorative Pool Lighting

Need some bright ideas for swimming pool decoration? Lighting instantly elevates the mood of your pool. From softly shimmering white lights to rainbow LEDs, pool lights can create a one-of-a-kind atmosphere in your backyard. Here are eight types of decorative lighting to customize your pool project.

1) Classic White

These inset lights offer strong, bright illumination. They’re great for safety as they keep the pool clearly visible in the dark. They also really enhance the blue color of the water. Plus it’s nice to see your friends and family when you take an evening dip!

2) Color-Changing LEDs

The awesome thing about LEDs is that they can change colors. Red for the 4th of July, purple for a birthday party, orange because it’s your favorite color – you can easily change the color setting with a simple app. We love party mode, which cycles between all the colors.

3) Bubblers

Do you love the sound of trickling water? A bubbler is a fun feature that combines a column of rippling water with colorful lights. These aquatic displays are placed on flat surfaces, like tanning shelves or sun decks. Many customers enjoy bubblers because they’re relaxing to listen to and watch.

4) Laminar Deck Jets

Imagine a graceful arc of colored water streaming into your pool. Deck jets are a stunning way to add serenity. When paired with an LED, the continuous stream of water shoots colored light into the pool. Like bubblers, laminar jets are pleasing to the eyes and ears.

Pentair Laminar Deck Jets

Laminar Deck Jets from Pentair

5) Illuminated Fountains

Fountains are another amazing way to incorporate light! Just think of the famous Bellagio fountains in Las Vegas. An illuminated fountain is simply mesmerizing at night. Some homeowners enjoy a small version of the Grecian styles you see in public parks. There are even some floating varieties that run on batteries.

6) Waterfalls

You can also go for a big wow factor with a waterfall. These can range from a small ledge with a stream of water to one that uses rocks to mimic natural waterfalls. Recessed LED lights or strips create a charming backlight.

7) Perimeter Lighting

One way to add subtle decorative pool lighting is around the perimeter. This is a cool way to show off the shape of your pool. This effect can be done in a soft white light or colored LEDs. Either way, your pool water will simply glow.

8) Landscape Lighting

Don’t forget landscaping lighting! You want to create a cohesive environment in your backyard. Many homeowners add lighting along pathways and stair risers for extra visibility. Some tuck lights around bushes or trees for a nice ambiance.

Every pool needs basic lighting for safety, but the rest depends on your preferences. Standard lights cost approximately $2,500, but two bubblers, four deck jets, and a waterfall is easily another $10,000. It’s all about creating a backyard that will provide years of enjoyment.

We love designing pools! If you’re thinking about a new pool this year, there’s still time to schedule. We can’t wait to help you create the pool of your dreams. Call us today at 319-200-7665 or send us a message to get started.


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