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5 Ways To Create Hot Tub Privacy

Do you live next to a Nosey Nellie or a Talkative Tom? Trying to relax in your hot tub in full view of the neighbors isn’t exactly relaxing. Or maybe your hot tub area faces an uninspiring alley, garage, or train tracks. Thankfully you don’t need to fence in your entire yard to create a private oasis. Here are five ways to shield against prying eyes and create hot tub privacy.

1) Pergola

A wood pergola is a lovely way to create a beautiful shelter. Incorporate slates on any side that you want screened. You can customize the pattern to look like diamond garden trellis, vertical or horizontal panels, or small open squares. This allows sunlight and any breezes to pass through while providing a discrete retreat.

If you want to totally enclose your hot tub, add a gazebo. Some customers go with solid walls while others prefer mesh screens or opaque resin. If you like winter soaking, a gazebo even helps protect your hot tub area from snow and hard winds.

Another great fact about pergolas or gazebos for hot tub privacy is that they can be built later. While considering structure construction in preparation for your hot tub might make things slightly easier, it is completely feasible to add one down the road, as well.

2) Half Wall

One of the simplest options is to build a freestanding wall. This solution serves as a mini fence that discourages onlookers. It can be constructed of natural wood or composite materials. What’s nice is that these walls can double as a storage rack if you add hooks or shelves. Privacy and a place to hang your towels – now that’s smart!

3) Outdoor Curtains

Borrow an idea from outdoor patios and hang curtains around your hot tub. These heavy-duty fabrics withstand the elements and are supported by sturdy rods. You can choose any color to match your decor. They also have the added bonus of creating shade, which can be welcomed on sunny days. You’ll feel like you’ve escaped to your favorite tropical resort.

4) Hot Tub Cover

That’s right, your hot tub cover can provide, well, cover! Your cover lifter can multitask as a partition when it’s in the open position. That’s because it provides several feet of vertical privacy. All you have to do is position the lift to open on the side of the hot tub you want to block. Both of our hot tub brands: Marquis Spas and Hot Spring Spas offer cover lifter options that can solve this for you!

5) Tall Landscaping

There’s nothing like a row of hedge bushes or leafy trees to create a nature barrier! Many garden centers and nurseries carry dwarf trees and petite evergreens that are ready to plant. Even with just one growing season, you can establish a beautiful line of ornamental grasses – some grow up to 8 feet tall!

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