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Pool Opening Staples To Have On Hand

Hello summer! We are all about the warmer weather and sunny days. And there’s no better way to celebrate the season than a relaxing dip in the pool. Before you hop in, stock up on these six staples. Read on or watch our Splashy Segment for our favorite picks!

1) Shock

Back when you closed your pool last fall, you should have raised the chlorine levels up to 5 ppm. This step adds extra sanitizing power throughout the off season – you still need to keep bacteria and algae out even if you aren’t using the water!
But over the winter and spring, a lot of that chlorine was spent and needs to be replenished. This is why you need pool shock – to restore chlorine levels to the acceptable range. This is especially necessary if you did a partial drain over the cold months and recently refilled with fresh water.

We recommend Poolife TurboShock. How much you need to add will depend on how high or low your chlorine levels are. What’s nice is that any leftover shock is smart to have on hand. You’ll always be ready to correct your chemistry after a pool party or a significant storm.

2) Test Strips

So small, but so important! Test strips are a simple way to check your water quality. Just dip and wait for a reading.
For more detailed testing, bring in an 8-ounce sample for a free analysis. We will evaluate chlorine, alkalinity, calcium hardness, cyanuric, copper, iron, manganese, TDS (total dissolved solids), phosphates, and salt.

3) Algaecide

Algae has its place in our ecosystem, just not in our pools! This nuisance microbe generally isn’t toxic, but it can turn your water murky and burn through your chemicals (read our post How To Combat Algae In Your Pool). That’s why an algaecide is your friend.

Our trusted brand is Poolife Algae Bomb 30. It tackles three types of algae: green, yellow, and black. Even if your pool doesn’t have an algae problem at the start of the season, one can bloom at any point. Always have this on hand. You can also use it as a preventive treatment.

4) Phosphate Remover

Where there’s algae, there’s usually a phosphate problem. This mineral salt is a major nutrient to algae. It gets into your water from the most innocent sources – sunscreen, makeup, plant debris, and even rainwater. For a deeper dive on phosphates, check out our Splashy Segment or read How Phosphates Affect Pool Water.

Ultima PhosFIGHT Plus is our favorite product. You can use it whether you have phosphates or want to add it proactively on a weekly basis.

5) Clarifier

Has your water lost its sparkle? No matter how hard your filters and chemicals are working, sometimes tiny particles can accumulate in your pool. They’re nearly invisible by themselves but they can make your water cloudy. This is a situation for a clarifier.

Have TurboBlu Clarifier from Poolife in your stockpile. It will bind particles together so they become large enough for your filter to catch. The solution will also improve filter efficiency, in case that was the culprit of your hazy water. This is another treatment that should be used on a weekly basis; dosing is 1 ounce per every 5,000 gallons.

6) Accessories

Ok, now that you have all of your chemical needs, what’s next? Fun! Seriously, owning a pool is all about getting some R&R. That’s why we carry accessories like floaties and towels that will jumpstart your summer vibe.

Need help opening your pool? Schedule with our service department at 319-200-7665. You can also read about our other opening tips: