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5 Swimming Pool Accessories You Need

Pool season is here! We are so excited to unpack our deck chairs, beach balls, and pool noodles. Just imagine the bliss of splashing in the water while your favorite tunes play in the background. To get ready for summer FUN, we’re sharing our five favorite swimming pool accessories. These tools make maintenance a breeze so you can focus on making memories.

Snap Pole

We love the Xcalibur Pro Animal ProLock Snap Pole. This telescopic tool makes it easy to reach far into your pool. Add a brush to scrub tough spots or clip on a net to capture debris. Some brands are hard to twist and lock in place, but this model has a simple push button. This professional-grade pole comes in two versions that extend from 6-12 feet or 8-16 feet.

Leaf Rake

It’s common for big leaves and sticks to drop into your pool, especially if you live in a wooded area. Most skimmers have a flat, square net and are perfect for trapping fine particles. But sometimes you need a sturdier tool to scoop out large objects. The Pro Animal Leaf Rake is shaped like a fishing net and can hold substantial debris. It clips onto the Animal Snap Pole so you can easily switch to this reinforced net when needed. Plus this brand comes in lime green – you might as well have tools in fun colors!


Sometimes a little bit of algae or a dirty spot won’t come off with vacuuming. A brush attachment for the Animal ProLock Snap Pole is just what you need to blast through those tough areas. They have models designed for plaster, pebbled, and vinyl pool surfaces. The bristles are designed to gently cling to surfaces so you don’t have to break a sweat scrubbing. Especially as you open your pool this spring, this tool will help you tackle any targeted cleaning.

Robot Cleaner

That’s right – there’s a machine that automatically cleans your pool and all you have to do is place it in the water! The Pentair Prowler 920 is so powerful that it can actually climb the walls of your pool. Its high-speed scrubbing brushes ensure your pool gets the deep clean it deserves. You can also adjust the filtration level for fine or large debris.

Pool Toys

No pool is complete without a fabulous floatie! There are so many fun inflatable shapes available today. The Splash Pool & Spa team is definitely a fan of anything that resembles a tropical island. Llamas are also really big this year with kids and adults alike.

We also love BigMouth beach blankets. Their towels are gigantic and so soft! Plus they come in super fun designs, like cupcakes, ice cream sandwiches, sugar skulls, sushi, and even pizza. You’re sure to find one that reflects your personality.

We carry all of these great swimming pool accessories in our store! Come visit us during our summer hours M-F 10am-6pm and Saturday 10am-4pm. #SplashUpYourSummer!


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