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What to Consider When Designing a Custom Sauna

Do you have a vision for your ultimate sauna? Our Finnleo saunas offer the amazing opportunity to custom cut your own unique model. Very few sauna makers encourage customers to be part of the design process! Learn how you can tailor your sauna as well as watch our Splashy Segment on custom saunas to see examples of a fabulous interior.

Superb Shapes

What most homeowners desire in a custom sauna is to combine features from several prefabricated models. They want to mix-and-match looks so their sauna is perfectly suited to their tastes. But you can be as involved with the design process as you want.

We have customers who submit their own detailed drawings while others simply provide dimensions. It’s very much like designing a pool (read our post about your pool wish list) – you can take an active role or offer some suggestions. This is your chance to be creative!

One advantage of having design control is that the sauna will fit to your space perfectly. Finnleo doesn’t have a size limit for custom saunas, though popular options range from a 4×4 foot up to a 12×12 foot. You can also choose a square or rectangular footprint. There’s even an option to do an all-glass front – so chic!

Interesting Interiors

Inside your sauna is where you can go wild with tailored features. You decide wood tones, lighting, glass details, the audio system, and heater. Plus you can adapt the layout configuration for your family. So helpful if your bathers prefer a mix of relaxation positions or have body sizes with different needs.

Select your wood paneling, which includes a light Clear Western Red Cedar, a medium Canadian Hemlock, a luminous Nordic White Pine, or the moody black Taika. One custom option – Seaside – even features a rock wall section. You can also combine different tones for a truly stunning effect

Benches will further customize your look. Finnleo offers many choices: floating, repositionable, reclining, wall-to-wall, and curved. Add tiered benches to create a stadium for multiple users. Include foot rails and arm rests for support. Movable benches even allow you to do sauna yoga!

Your design is also shaped by whether your sauna is for individual use, pairs, or small groups. Finnleo boasts the “widest standard bench widths in the industry” – 24 inches wide for sauna depths with 5 or more feet. They recommend providing 2 feet of bench per person.

Your sauna door and handle are another cool way to add your own touch. There’s the classic Douglas Fir door with glass insert. Or the ultra-modern solid glass door in clear, bronze tint, or opaque satin finish. Or go with a truly one-of-a-kind etched glass door with a beautiful birch leaf pattern.

Don’t forget the finishing details! Finnelo offers eight backrests that vary in plank width and tone, including two that integrate light bars for added illumination. There is also a range of lighting, from fiberoptic and LED to color changing and wall scones.

Lastly, it’s time to bring the heat! Every custom sauna includes your choice of a heater, rocks, and heater guard. There are classic wall-mounted and floor models, the rounded Pikkutonttu, and a wood burning option. For those who prefer humidity, the BioWater Technique increases steam vapor. You can even specify an infrared heater.

Does a custom sauna cost a lot? Not necessarily! Because the major components are prebuilt, the manufacturer price is less than a traditional model. However, installation will require a carpenter who is experienced with sauna construction. We have a great network of local contractors we can recommend.

We have several Finnleo saunas in our showroom you can see in person! We also encourage you to learn more about selecting saunas: