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Maximize Your Chlorine with Ozone and UV

Ozone and UV, isn’t that stuff in our stratosphere? Yes, but these invisible forces can also be harnessed to clean your pool water! An ozone or UV system is a great way to supplement your chlorine needs, extending the life of your chemicals. It’s extremely effective at destroying unwanted particles and is easy to use. Learn how this amazing technology will protect your pool and maximize your chlorine! 

Water quality is the hidden foundation of a great pool. There’s nothing like slipping into sparkling water and knowing its free of germs and pathogens. Chlorine and bromine do a marvelous job at neutralizing microorganisms and sanitizing your water, but they aren’t the only option. An ozone or UV system is a great way to boost your sanitizing power to the next level! It’s like using applesauce to substitute part of the oil in a cake – same result, different ingredients. Many homeowners appreciate reducing their chemical usage without sacrificing safety.  

Every manufacturer has their own unique system. It’s actually a range of technologies rather than a uniform design. But each one has the same purpose – to reduce the amount of chemicals needed to sanitize water and to help eliminate E. coli, giardia and cryptosporidium. Ozone is fantastic at sanitizing water and so is UV but combine these two technologies and nasty organisms living in the water don’t stand a chance!

Here’s a few of our favorites:

  • Pentair has a UV system that can cut chlorine usage in half. As water flows past the lamp, it destroys bacteria and parasites living in the water. All of these microorganisms cause illness if ingested, so it’s important to eliminate them. 
  • DEL Ozone combines ozone and UV for a one-two punch. It uses an advanced oxidation process (AOP). Ready for a chemistry lesson? Oxygen molecules (02) are split into atomic oxygen (O1), which then bonds together as ozone (O3). When ozone comes into contact with containments, it breaks apart so the individual atoms can destroy foreign bodies. Pretty cool! 
  • Clear Comfort is also based on the same AOP process but without UV. It has two stages of cleaning, with a hydrogen peroxide residual that continues cleaning the water. 

What is even better about these systems? You can retrofit them. You don’t have to build a new pool or do a major renovation to add one. It’s a smart upgrade that will reduce your chemical costs while increasing peace of mind. 

Ready to explore options for an ozone or UV system for your pool? Contact us and we’ll help get you on your way.