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10 Fun Ideas For Pool Accessory Storage

Feel like you don’t have a good place to store all your pool accessories? Between cleaning supplies, floaties, and deck chairs, it seems like pool items can multiple overnight! We love seeing how our customers get crafty with pool accessory storage. They’ve thought of everything from beautiful wood sheds to clever hacks off Pinterest. Here are our favorite storage ideas for toys, towels, and maintenance products!

Have you become a collector of all the pool toys? Here’s some great ideas on how to store them.

1. Cargo Netting

How to keep your floaties from blowing away? Try cargo netting! You can attach the net to the side of your house or fence to create a holding area for toys. This is a great solution for items that have an odd shape or need to be protected from punctures. You could even flip a soccer goal post on its side.

2. Utility Hooks

Keep items off the ground by installing utility hooks. These J- and L-shaped posts can be placed along a fence or even inside a garage. With the ability to hold some serious weight, you can create hanging storage for objects of any shape and width. And if you don’t care for the industrial metal look, you can always spray paint them in fun colors.

3. Wooden Pallets

Sometimes you just need a tall rack to corral long items like pool noodles and skimmers. Wood pallets – the same kind popular for gardening and patio furniture – are a great solution. Just lean vertically against a wall and you have instant storage. Not sure where to find pallets? We’ve been known to have a few laying around our warehouse. You can always give us a call!

4. Laundry Baskets

Tall laundry baskets made from plastic or mesh are another smart idea. Inexpensive and easy to find in bright colors, these bins are great spots to collect miscellaneous items. Have beach balls that need to dry off? Into the laundry basket. That lone pool noodle that needs a home? Same spot. Toss in goggles, rings, darts, water wings, and every other kind of toy.

5. Hung Baskets

Here’s a popular project we see on Pinterest – take wire or plastic baskets and attach them to a fence. Like bins for school supplies, you can assign each basket to a family member or a specific item. Plus the openings in the basket allow everything to drip dry. We also think this is a genius way to create a sunscreen station!

Towels are one thing to keep handy around the pool. They’re great for when guests stop by for a quick dip or when the grandkids are staying over, but how can you keep them store neatly? Check out these ideas!

6. Drying Rack

Where to hang those sopping wet towels? Head to the laundry aisle and find a nice folding rack. Choose from wood, plastic, and metal models – they are all ideal for draping towels over to air dry.

7. Towel Rack

You know those durable towel racks you see in hotels? Those are perfect for your pool too! You can install them along any wall. We’ve even seen homeowners place them right inside a back door so towels are easy to grab-and-go. It’s also a fun way to display all those crazy beach prints.

8. Coat Tree

During the summer, why not repurpose your winter coat tree into an outdoor towel stand? It’s already designed for hanging heavy things. Simply move into a location where it’s protected from wind gusts. Or if you really love DIY projects, you can fashion a similar version out of PVC piping.

Pool maintenance equipment like robo vacs and nets aren’t always the most glamorous parts of pool ownership. Here’s a few ideas on how to keep them stored neatly and out of plain view.

9. Storage Chest

Homeowners commonly add a storage bin to their poolside. Some versions are made of durable plastic or resin. But there are beautiful options constructed out of real wood or wicker too. That way you can add storage that coordinates with the rest of your patio furniture.

10. Permanent Shed

You may not have a basement or garage corner to store larger pools items like toys or chemicals. For long-term storage, consider investing in a pool shed. Some are more like a freestanding outdoor closet the size of a large wardrobe. But some owners opt for an actual shed where they can also stash lawn and gardening equipment. And if you really want to go wild, a pool house will give you room for storage as well as a private changing area and restroom.

Looking for more ideas on creative pool accessory storage? Here’s a few other resources to get your wheels turning: American Home Shield and Life, Creatively Organized.

We hate to say it every year, but pool closing season is right around the corner. Need to schedule yours? Send an email to [email protected].


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