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Three Types of Sauna Designs

It’s officially the cold season here in Iowa! We’re trading our shorts and swimming suits for winter jackets and knit hats. If you feel like you are perpetually chilled for half the year, consider getting a sauna. With temperatures between 120-185 degrees, you’ll feel toasty in no time! Whether you opt for traditional steam heat or infrared light, there are three types of sauna designs. See which one is right for you!


These low-fuss saunas don’t need any special wiring – they run on any standard 120-volt outlet with a 15-amp circuit. The advantage is that you don’t need to hire an electrician to update your wiring. These saunas are simple to plug in and won’t blow your breaker box. Some models even have a plug-in interior system, like the Finnleo S-Series. Everything is prewired so it’s safe and quick to install heaters, lights, and audio features.

Plug-and-play saunas are also easy to assembly on your own. For example, Finnleo’s Hallmark Series has a hook-and-pin panel design. Components snap into place for a seamless look that takes less than an hour to install.


Want a sauna that can be packed up and moved wherever you go? A freestanding sauna is the perfect match for both renters and homeowners. Some saunas are permanently built into a room. If you move, you have to leave this amazing amenity behind. But not with a freestanding sauna!

These prefab saunas require no renovation. A freestanding sauna includes all the features you love and expect: benches, mood lighting, sound systems, and a door. The difference is that these saunas are a self-contained room – no additional framing or insulation is required. They can also be disassembled if needed, making it easy to relocate them to a new setting. Finnleo’s InfraSauna is a great example.


Have a special sauna design in mind? Want to handpick every detail down to the shape of the door handle? We know some customers absolutely love design and want to put their own unique stamp on their sauna. A custom sauna allows you to tailor every aspect of its exterior and interior appearance. You can specify the dimensions, bench angles and heights, glass windows, door configurations, and lighting and audio systems. It’s your chance to bring your sauna vision to life!

We display a number of Finnleo Saunas in our showroom! We would be happy to have you come see them for yourself. It’s a great way to envision how a sauna would look in your home. Click here for our current hours.


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