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How To Determine Your Pool Deck Size

An essential part of your pool design is the decks. Typically made from concrete or pavers, this patio provides a relaxing lounge spot. The square footage of the pool decking is ultimately determined by your design vision. Consider how these four factors will impact your pool deck size.

1) Coverage

The first question to ask is how much of your pool perimeter should have decking. There’s no rule that says a deck has to completely surround all sides! Not everyone has available yard to expand the pool zone in four directions. We’ve designed pools with as little as 3 feet of pool decks so it really comes down to preference and space.

The width of your deck is also important to consider. It doesn’t make sense to only have a thin sidewalk. Remember that the deck is more than a path to enter the pool. This is your opportunity to create an outdoor living room!

2) Number of Users

How many people will enjoy your pool? Beyond your immediate household, think about all the opportunities to gather friends and family: children playdates, an afternoon with coworkers, reunions, and holidays. Even if you only throw a pool party several times a year, you don’t want to stress about where to fit everyone.

3) Furniture

Furniture will transform your pool deck into a beautiful oasis for conversation and food. It’s important to visualize how much space your seating and table set will occupy. Even if you haven’t purchased furniture yet, you can look at pieces to anticipate their size and layout.

Don’t forget you need room to easily walk around furniture. No reason to feel cramped when outdoors! Having ample deck space also reduces the risk of tripping hazards and serves as a safety buffer for any grills or fire pits.

4) Features

No pool is complete without personalized touches. This is your chance to have a backyard resort! Pool decks are the perfect canvas to add unique features:

  • Shading like pergolas or umbrellas
  • Sun shelves and built-in seating
  • Waterfalls
  • Landscaping planters

Because all of these are sizable amenities, your pool designer needs to plan how to integrate permanent structures in advance. This ensures the entire design flows seamlessly. Your pool deck deserves it!

Are you thinking about a new pool or renovation for next season? Fall is the ideal time to start planning! Read our post on why you should get a jump on your pool project now. Call us today at 319-200-7665 to schedule a free consult.

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