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4 Pool Plaster Colors To Consider

Did you know that pool plaster is the secret to beautiful, sparkling water? Pool plaster is the final layer that seals your concrete shell. It’s also an amazing way to add style to your pool design. From aquamarine and tropical greens to sapphire blues and night sky, these four plaster hues will create the swimming pool backyard oasis of your dreams.

1) Bright Whites

White is a classic pool plaster choice. Its crisp, bright surface looks striking against tile accents, concrete or stone decks, and landscaping. White tones can be as light as snow and pearl to as dark as medium grays.

Many families prefer lighter plaster because it provides great visibility. That’s because water in a white pool is easier to see through than darker options. It’s also perfect if you have a special tile design or swimming lanes on the bottom of your pool.

2) Tropical Blues

If you want a pool worthy of a Vegas hotel, blue is the way to go. You can recreate the pool of your favorite vacation spot with the right shade of blue. For a tropical or ocean vibe, go with lighter blues like aqua and sky.

Deep blue plaster can also make your pool warmer. A dark color will absorb heat and then radiate it into the water. Pick blues like cobalt, navy, and sapphire to achieve this effect.

3) Natural Stone

Pool plaster with flecks of brown and tan are a fun way to play with water color. If you want a pool that looks like a natural feature, sandy-colored plasters are reminiscent of the beach. They can even make the water appear more jade or emerald rather than blue.

4) Slate Black

Looking for pure drama? Then pick plaster in ebony, slate, or onyx. These black tones give your pool a unique look. For example, square pools in a dark color look more like a calming reflection pool. Those that are freeform or round will mimic the appearance of a pond.

If you are building a new pool, we recommend starting your project in the fall. There are so many great trends to incorporate right now! Call 319-200-7665 to schedule your design consultation!


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