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Three Quick Fixes for Cloudy Hot Tub Water

Is your hot tub water cloudy? Don’t fret – it’s a commonplace issue that every spa owner faces eventually. While it’s a mild annoyance, cloudy water is incredibly easy to fix.

The first thing to know is what you are looking for. Cloudy water doesn’t look dramatically dirty like dish water. It’s often just a light haze. Or it’s as subtle as lacking your normal sparkle. You might also notice foam. None of it is dangerous, but cloudy water is a sign your water isn’t fully protected. Definitely don’t ignore it.

The cause is usually contamination. Like having a hot tub party and forgetting to shock afterward (happens to the best of us!). Or traveling for an extended time. Or it was just your luck that you accidentally left off the cover and it stormed.

Whatever the culprit, fixing cloudy water is pretty straightforward. Use these three tips to remove that haze and get back to enjoying your clean and clear spa water.

1) Clean Filters

When did you last clean your hot tub filters? It should be once a week. Yes, it’s their job to collect particles from plants and body lotions – it’s your job to regularly remove that debris.

Simply pull out the filters and give them a good manual clean. Scrub away any grime and gently spray off with a garden hose.

You can also add a liquid filter cleaner (we have options in store). It helps dissolve oil, scale and mineral deposits. It’s a great way to preserve filter performance.

2) Check Sanitizer

Next go for your test strips. Cloudy water may be a sign that your sanitizer levels are low. Remember that the harder your chemicals have to work, the less effective they become over time. It’s routine to need to replenish.

This is true whether your sanitizer is chlorine, bromine, or a hydrogen peroxide product like Baquacil. With cloudy water, you should only need a small amount to correct levels. Don’t dump in chemicals – use the measurements on the package.

3) Add Water Clarifier

Your water might also benefit from a clarifier. Sometimes cloudiness is caused by superfine particles that are too small for your filter to handle. A clarifier will bind them together into a larger clump that the filter can catch. Don’t worry if you see a residue starting to form – that means it’s working!

Cloudy water is usually corrected in a few days. If not, bring in a sample to our store for a free water test – it’s possible your alkalinity or pH is too high, for example, or there’s an algae issue. It might also be worth seeing if your hot tub cover is no longer sealing properly or has a tear.

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